Commercial Printing

Through our partnership with Océ, we are enhancing Canon's digital commercial printing capabilities and expanding into new business fields as we progress toward becoming a comprehensive printing company.

Offset printing technology has long dominated the field of commercial printing. But now, with the rise of digitalization, the industry's focus is increasingly shifting toward digital printing. Quick and versatile, digital printing addresses the growing demand for small-lot printing, customized orders, and the creative use of such non-traditional media as glossy paper, pressure-bonded paper, and carbonless paper.
Canon's printing business had been mainly directed at home and office markets. To become a comprehensive printing company capable of serving all the needs of printing customers worldwide, we welcomed the Dutch company Océ into the Canon Group. Boasting a business history of over 130 years, Océ is the leading printer manufacturer in Europe. Known for delivering high productivity and stability, Océ high-speed continuous-feed printers and commercial large-format printers command strong market positions.

An Océ JetStream high-speed continuous-feed commercial printer

Synergy between Océ and Canon's technologies, combined with our commitment to build a mutually beneficial relationship, has brought expansion into new business areas such as ultra-high-speed printing and variable-data printing. Moreover, our partnership with Océ furthers our efforts at global diversification. Together we are developing advanced technologies for printing on ceramics, metals, plastics and other non-paper materials, and we are producing 2.5D textural printing technology, which faithfully reproduces even the texture of objects. Combining our unique strengths, we will pursue new possibilities in digital printing in areas such as industrial packaging.