Canon produces high-performance, high-image-quality industrial equipment ranging from production printing systems to semiconductor lithography equipment and 3-D machine vision systems that incorporate our optical and image-processing technologies. In addition to expanding Canon's business domains, our industrial equipment helps industry and society grow. Carrying out R&D focused on future businesses, we are pursuing technological innovation through such technologies as nanoimprint lithography.

Digital Production Printing Systems

Widely used in commercial printing and central reprographics departments, Canon digital production printing systems are capable of handling diverse print content in a variety of paper types and sizes, and providing quick turnaround of small-lot print jobs. Our product lineup, enhanced by the addition of products from the Dutch printer manufacturer Océ, brings high-quality output and enhanced productivity to today's printing businesses.

3-D Machine Vision Systems

Combining leading-edge image-recognition, data-processing and optical technologies, Canon 3-D Machine Vision Systems serve as the “eyes” of robots. They make possible the instant and accurate three-dimensional recognition of randomly assembled objects and the data transmission required for the movement of a robotic arm. Our 3-D Machine Vision Systems can even pick up small parts, supporting the automation of production lines.

Semiconductor Lithography Equipment

Semiconductor lithography equipment is used in the fabrication of the semiconductor chips at the heart of digital devices. With mainstream photolithography equipment reaching its technological limit for circuit miniaturization, Canon has turned to the development of nanoimprint technology, a next-generation lithography technology capable of delivering ultra-fine patterning and nanometer-level precision while maintaining high resolution, high performance and reliability.

Commercial Photo Printers

Commercial photo printing systems are designed for retail photo and printing businesses that offer customers high-value-added photo merchandise. Through advances in our inkjet technology, Canon meets the high-image-quality and high-productivity demands of printing professionals. Our new top-of–the-line PhotoJewel S photo album service is another way we are meeting the needs of the evolving commercial photo printing industry today.

MR Systems

Canon MR (Mixed Reality) Systems seamlessly merge the real world with virtual images in real time. By donning a head-mounted display, users can interact with realistic full-scale CG images from any point of view. Facilitating simulations and design evaluations, offers benefits to manufacturing sites through reduced prototyping costs and the sharing of 3-D design data.