We all want to capture life's precious moments—scenes from travels, special occasions—so we can recall them with the same clarity as we experienced them. Providing the means to preserve these experiences is what motivates Canon to develop the innovative input and output technologies supporting our products —the lenses, sensors and image processors that not only capture true vivid colors, but also the emotions of the moment. Canon enriches lives by bringing people and imaging technology together.

Interchangeable Lens Digital Cameras

To create the world's finest cameras, Canon develops in-house our lenses, which correspond to the human eye; image sensors, which correspond to the retina; the image processors, which correspond to the brain. By continually refining our imaging technologies, Canon has been a pioneer in the history of photography. Our focus is on bringing superior products and the joy of photography to all.

Digital Compact Cameras

Through advances in image quality and multi-functionality, digital compact cameras have greatly expanded the enjoyment of photography. Canon digital compact cameras deliver some of the industry's most advanced features, such as high-precision image stabilization and high-magnification zoom lenses that range from wide-angle to super telephoto. Canon will continue to pursue the potential offered by digital compact cameras.

Digital Camcorders

The VIXIA mini X (LEGRIA mini X in other regions) digital camcorder fits in the palm of your hand and offers ultra-wide-angle shooting. Delivering the freedom of place-and-shoot and self-shooting recording, it's ideal for recording performances. Built-in Wi-Fi allows movies to be uploaded to social media and transferred to smartphones and tablets. Through such innovation, Canon offers new ways to enjoy video.

Connect Station

The Connect Station not only enables easy storage of photos and movies through near field communication (NFC) and Wi-Fi, but also connects to televisions for large-screen viewing. Users can easily print and share digital image data from the cloud without the need for a personal computer. Providing ease of use, convenience and high image quality, the Connect Station offers new ways to enjoy photos and movies.

Inkjet Printers

Canon inkjet printers now make printing easier than ever through improved cloud connectivity and Canon's PIXMA Touch & Print, which enables users to quickly and easily print photos and documents without a computer simply by touching an NFC-enabled smartphone to the printer. Canon inkjet printers feature an intuitive touch panel and ECO settings that contribute to the conservation of paper and energy.