Canon professional-use imaging products are loaded with leading-edge technologies to support the expression of innovative ideas and the creation of works with exceptional levels of creative detail. Providing both high image quality and the durability to perform under even the most demanding conditions, Canon imaging products have earned the trust of top professionals. Additionally, in the medical field, our imaging technologies deliver value through such products as ophthalmic equipment and digital radiography systems.

Interchangeable Lens Digital Cameras

Professional photographers must have the patience and perseverance to wait, sometimes in harsh conditions, for a once-ina-lifetime shot. To meet the high expectations of demanding professionals, Canon professional digital SLR cameras are packed with the latest imaging technologies. In addition to offering high image quality, high sensitivity and continuous shooting speeds, our cameras deliver superior ruggedness and durability, earning the trust of top photographers around the world.

Digital Cinema Cameras

Delivering exceptional image quality and sensitivity, Canon's Cinema EOS System cinema cameras and lenses have earned the trust and respect of industry professionals. Strong performers in low-light conditions with compact, lightweight designs that enable shooting in locations with limited space, the lineup also offers the mobility to be installed on drones, bringing about a revolution in motion picture and TV production.

Professional Displays

Featuring a proprietary image-processing engine, an RGB LED backlight system and an IPS LCD panel, Canon professional-use displays enable a wide color gamut. Our lineup, which now includes a portable lightweight model for on-location use, is designed for digital cinema and television production and the next generation of high-definition video formats that lie beyond 4K.

Ophthalmic Equipment

Imaging technologies that Canon has cultivated over the years contribute to enhanced ophthalmic diagnostic precision. Focusing on high image quality and compactness, we have expanded our ophthalmic equipment lineup to include retinal cameras that enable examinations with reduced stress on patients and optical coherence tomography (OCT) devices capable of 3-D scanning for diagnosis of retinal disorders that can lead to vision loss.

Digital Radiography

The adoption of digital radiography, which eliminates the need for film, has gained traction in recent years within the healthcare industry. Canon digital X-ray detectors fulfill a range of general radiography applications, including upright and supine imaging. Our lineup covers static and dynamic imaging and includes portable and wireless models. We are also developing digital radiography solutions that can be used in the home and remotely at disaster sites.

Professional Photo Inkjet Printers

Canon inkjet printers satisfy the high standards of professional photographers and graphic designers. Our lineup includes a new A2 (17”x 22”) model that features newly developed inks, image processing engine and print head. Canon's professional-use inkjet printers deliver faithful color reproduction and superior image quality.