CANON BIRD BRANCH PROJECT | Biodiversity Initiatives

CANON BIRD BRANCH PROJECT | Biodiversity Initiatives

Protecting and nurturing the Cycle of Life

The Canon Bird Branch Project highlights the cycle of life through various activities conducted at Canon sites around the world.

  • Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker NEW!

    Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker

    Dendrocopos kizuki

  • Pale Thrush NEW!

    Pale Thrush

    Turdus pallidus

  • Red-crowned Crane NEW!

    Red-crowned Crane

    Grus japonensis

  • Daurian Redstart NEW!

    Daurian Redstart

    Phoenicurus auroreus

  • Bull-headed Shrike NEW!

    Bull-headed Shrike

    Lanius bucephalus

  • Oriental Greenfinch

    Oriental Greenfinch

    Chloris sinica

  • Great Cormorant

    Great Cormorant

    Phalacrocorax carbo

  • Brown Hawk-owl

    Brown Hawk-owl

    Ninox scutulata

  • Common Cuckoo

    Common Cuckoo

    Cuculus canorus

  • Narcissus Flycatcher

    Narcissus Flycatcher

    Ficedula narcissina

  • Japanese Bush Warbler

    Japanese Bush Warbler

    Cettia diphone

  • White-tailed Eagle

    White-tailed Eagle

    Haliaeetus albicilla

  • Common Kingfisher

    Common Kingfisher

    Alcedo atthis

  • Common Pheasant

    Common Pheasant

    Phasianus colchicus

  • Barn Swallow

    Barn Swallow

    Hirundo rustica

  • Large-billed Crow

    Large-billed Crow

    Corvus macrorhynchos

  • White-cheeked Starling

    White-cheeked Starling

    Spodiopsar cineraceus

  • White Wagtail

    White Wagtail

    Motacilla alba

  • Eurasian Tree Sparrow

    Eurasian Tree Sparrow

    Passer montanus

  • Oriental Turtle Dove

    Oriental Turtle Dove

    Streptopelia orientalis

  • Spot-billed Duck

    Spot-billed Duck

    Anas zonorhyncha

  • Black-headed Gull

    Black-headed Gull

    Larus ridibundus

  • Falcon

    Peregrine Falcon

    Falco peregrinus

  • Little Egret

    Little Egret

    Egretta garzetta

  • Naumann's Thrush

    Naumann's Thrush

    Turdus naumanni

how to photograph wild birds

Here you will find basics of photographing wild birds, and selection of lenses and shooting methods of wild bird photograph.

  • Image NEW! Lesson

    Lesson 14

    Where do I focus? Part 2 (Focusing with groups of AF points)

  • Image NEW! Lesson

    Lesson 13

    Where do I focus? Part 1 (Focusing with single AF point(s))

  • Image NEW! Lesson

    Lesson 12

    Using the Always Handy “Back-Button AF” for Bird Photography

  • Image NEW! Lesson

    Lesson 11

    Selecting the Autofocus Mode for Better Focusing

  • Image Advanced course

    Lesson 10

    Learning how to set the exposure to get dramatically better shots

  • Image Advanced course

    Lesson 9

    Mastering brightness with the ISO speed setting

  • Image Advanced course

    Lesson 8

    Let's shoot photos in Av (aperture priority AE) mode

  • Image Advanced course

    Lesson 7

    Let's shoot photos in Tv (shutter priority AE) mode

  • Image Introductory course

    Lesson 6

    Changing the camera angle for different perspectives

  • Image Introductory course

    Lesson 5

    Altering the composition for better photos

  • Image Introductory course

    Lesson 4

    Hold the camera still to minimize camera shake

  • Image Introductory course

    Lesson 3

    The Program Mode is ideal for first-time photographers

  • Image Introductory course

    Lesson 2

    Types of lenses and selecting the right lens

  • Image Introductory course

    Lesson 1

    Camera and equipment for photographing wild birds

  • Image Etiquette

    Proper etiquette

    Learning the etiquette of wild bird photography

Here you will find basics of photographing wild birds, and selection of lenses and shooting methods of wild bird photograph.


about the bird branch project

The project highlights the cycle of life through various activities focusing on wild birds.


at canon sites

We carry out various activities aimed at conserving biodiversity, including birds and other living beings at our sites globally.


creative park

You may enjoy making your own birds out of paper through Canon's Creative Park website, which offers free downloads to create a wide variety of paper craft items.


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