Welcome to global.canon

Introducing a new URL for Canon’s global site: global.canon


Until now, the URL we used for Canon’s global website was “www.canon.com.” From now on, however, we will begin gradually introducing “global.canon” to provide information to a global audience with a new online presence.

About “.canon”

“global.canon” is a URL that uses the new generic top-level domain (gTLD)* “.canon.” Since “.canon” is a domain name that can only be used by the Canon Group, users of “.canon” sites can be assured that the information they are receiving is reliable. In order to ensure that customers can safely access Canon information beyond the global site, the Company also plans to extend the “.canon” domain name to other Canon Group sites.

  • * In 2008, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the international organization that manages such things as IP addresses and domain resources, promoted the liberalization of application rules for introducing new top-level domains. Until then, although a URL had to end in such top-level domains as .com or .net, as designated by ICANN, by expanding the infrastructure with new gTLDs, various organizations could apply for personalized domains. Canon acquired “.canon” in 2015.