Canon has been at the forefront of imaging technology for over 80 years and continues to innovate.
In 1987, Canon introduced the EOS Camera and EF Lenses with
the world’s first fully electronically controlled EF Mount.
In the digital era that followed, we fulfilled the demands of the generation and set new standards.
The development of the superior EF Mount and EF Lens System
during this time was integral to the evolution of Canon’s CINEMA EOS System,
and super high-sensitivity cameras.
Renowned for its outstanding performance and reliability, the EF Lenses have been widely used
by those seeking superior performance.
Now, in 2018, we proudly introduce the EOS R System making its debut in the EOS R Camera and
RF Lenses.
The new system, with the large diameter mount, realizes ideal lens design and
high-spec data transmission between the body and lens, achieving unprecedented image resolution,
enhanced usability, and expanded photographic possibilities.
Even in the digital era, the essence of image expression is defined by the lens’s ability to capture light.
Canon will continue to innovate with unrivaled optical technology,
delivering today the imaging systems of tomorrow.

EOS R Camera /
RF Lens

The EOS R System brings to life a unique synergy between the camera and lens.
At the core of this breakthrough in optical design is the large 54mm diameter inherited
from the EF Mount augmented by both short back focus through the use of mirrorless technology.
The RF Mount enables the RF Lenses to achieve peak optical performance.
A new control ring was added while preserving a simple design and ease of use.
The EOS R System also adds value to the EF and EF-S Lenses.
The ability to use an innovative mount adapter allows users to harness the maximum potential of the existing lenses.
Camera advancements continue to be made as well.
EOS R Camera, equipped with the DIGIC 8 image processor and further refined Dual Pixel CMOS AF,
offering wide area AF, faster AF and previously unattainable AF shooting capabilities in extreme low light conditions.
The EOS R System with its remarkable high-resolution imaging and high-capacity,
high-speed transmission also answers the diverse needs of today’s users.


EOS R System Concept

  • Introducing the EOS R System

  • Introducing the EOS R & RF Lenses