Biomedical Solutions

Aiming to improve human health and longevity, Canon is conducting research into healthcare-related technologies, collaborating with research institutes.

Today the medical field is ripe with potential for technological innovation and growth. This is particularly true in the field of human genetics. Since the completion of the DNA sequence of the human genome project, expectations have risen sharply for breakthroughs in biotechnology and applied medical research. Using our CMOS sensor and inkjet printing technologies for the development of a genetic testing platform that drastically reduces testing times, Canon has made inroads in developing solutions for the biomedical field.

Novallele genotyping assays (Sold in the U.S. for research use only)

The United States, a country that stands at the vanguard of advanced medicine, is home to the most exciting developments in this field. In 2015, Canon U.S.A. established Canon BioMedical, Inc. to build a business around molecular diagnostics. The R&D process includes collaborative work with universities and advanced research institutes. Among Canon BioMedical's early successes was the launch of research-useonly Novallele genotyping assays, which are being used in cancer and hereditary disease research.
At the forefront of the medical imaging field, the Canon Group continues to strengthen our existing businesses while working toward the practical application of our advanced technologies. Offering the potential for revealing even the smallest of lesions in the body without the need for invasive procedures, Canon medical imaging aims to contribute to advances in medicine.