Network Cameras

Expanding and diversifying our solutions business, centered on Canon's outstanding optical and imaging technology, we are cooperating with world-class businesses to meet the needs of the growing network camera market.

The King's Library in the British Library

The British Library owns a distinguished collection of more than 150 million items collected over the past 250 years. Canon's network cameras are part of the advanced security system that protects these precious records of human history. With security concerns growing in recent years, the global network video surveillance market has expanded at an annual rate of nearly 20%. This is a promising new business area for Canon. With our leading technologies and optics and image-processing know-how, we have been able to develop high-performance network cameras.

A network camera in operation in the main reading room

The cameras themselves, however, are only one part of the network camera market. Realizing a comprehensive system solution also requires such components as video recording software and video analysis applications. Addressing these needs, we welcomed into the Canon Group Denmark-based Milestone Systems, a world-leading provider of open-platform video management software, and Axis, a Swedish network video solutions provider with outstanding image processing technologies and over 75,000 sales partners worldwide.
By integrating cloud services and image analysis with our high-performance network cameras, Canon is developing innovative solutions beyond the field of security. Our solutions hold promise for observation and big-data analysis of manufacturing processes at factories, retail operations for market research purposes, and much more.