Canon marketing subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide provide our products, services and solutions to customers through various sales channels. Our supply chain management enables the close coordination of operations from development to production. We continue to develop our global network, which can provide customers around the world with what they need, when they need it. Canon subsidiaries and affiliates also channel valuable customer feedback to our product developers.



Canon Europe operates in approximately 120 markets throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). With a focus on its customers, the company continues to strengthen its existing businesses while building on new growth areas. In 2017, Canon Europe strengthened its sales channels and implemented proactive business strategies to enter such markets as mobile printing and cloud video management as a service.
Business will further be enhanced with the new “See the Bigger Picture” B2B brand platform. For its consumer-focused businesses, Canon Europe will promote the value of capturing, saving and sharing images under the theme “Live for the Story” while marketing its brand at such industry events as the Photokina 2018 imaging expo.



Canon U.S.A. oversees operations in North, Central and South America. In the past year, the company has strengthened its e-commerce initiatives through customer-oriented marketing activities, leading to increased market share for both existing and new businesses. To better meet the needs of film and television industry professionals and visual content creators, service and support operations have been consolidated at a central location in Burbank, California. In the office equipment business, the company has built a strong direct-sales network while implementing a new management and support system that organizes the Americas into four regions. By strengthening partnerships with its approximately 400 dealers across the region, Canon U.S.A. is responding more attentively to customer needs.

Asia & Oceania


The Canon Asia Marketing Group (CAMG) oversees operations in China, South Korea, South Asia and Southeast Asia. Last year, six companies from the Group held anniversary celebrations, including Canon China (20th) and Canon Hong Kong (45th). The burgeoning Indian market has contributed to robust growth in Canon’s overall business in Asia. The Group has also initiated a region-wide project with the aim of enhancing the Canon brand’s reputation and boosting the sales of such products as office multifunction devices and commercial-use printers. Under the slogan “Business can be Simple,” CAMG is striving to expand the scope of B2B marketing and sales activities. In the Oceania region, Canon has strengthened its B2B offerings through M&A.



The Canon Marketing Japan (CMJ) Group not only handles marketing activities in Japan, but also promotes businesses which leverage the combined strengths of the Canon Group to develop leading-edge imaging and IT solutions that help tackle the challenges of today’s society. While providing support for Canon brand businesses including cameras, office equipment and commercial printing, the Group continues to develop its own businesses in such fields as security and business solution services. In 2018, the CMJ Group will celebrate its 50th anniversary. With the aim of becoming more responsive to customer needs, the Group has undertaken structural reorganization and today works more closely with its customers, conducting business activities that ensure mutual growth.