Canon supports the growth of manufacturing and industry by applying the proprietary optical and image processing technologies that we have developed over many years to the creation of industrial equipment. From commercial-use printers to OLED panel manufacturing equipment, Canon continues to pioneer next-generation technologies that meet the needs of a wide range of industries.

Commercial-use Printers

The printing industry continues to evolve towards digitalization, and Canon is there to support it with commercial-use printers that provide quick turnaround of small-lot print jobs. High print quality and high productivity are imperative in the commercial printing business. In addition to ensuring reliability and quality, Canon offers workflow software that optimizes printing from the receipt of orders to post-production. Through our collaboration with Océ, we offer a comprehensive lineup of commercial-use printers. Meanwhile, we are also developing new technologies that explore possibilities in the fast-growing field of package printing.

Network Cameras

The network camera industry has grown rapidly as a result of rising security concerns worldwide. Network cameras are also being used for the monitoring of sports and other events, at manufacturing sites, and by marketing companies that accumulate information for innovative solutions based on big data analysis. Canon's leading-edge network cameras combine advanced imaging technologies cultivated through our renowned optical equipment with the network video processing technologies of Axis and the video management software of Milestone Systems. This enables us to provide just the right solutions to meet our customers' needs.

3-D Machine Vision Systems

Capable of high-speed, three-dimensional recognition of the position and orientation of objects, Canon 3-D machine vision systems serve as the “eyes” of robots. Until recently, picking through piles of randomly arranged parts required a human eye. Now, this work can be automated by integrating a Canon 3-D machine vision system with a robotic arm. Our systems increase manufacturing productivity in such industries handling small parts as electronics, automotive, resin and chemicals. As we pursue solutions on the front lines of manufacturing, expectations are high for the application of 3-D machine vision systems in assembly processes and for automated defect inspections.

Semiconductor Lithography Equipment

Semiconductor chips are now used in everything from computers and smartphones to televisions, household appliances, automobiles and even railroad systems. Chip performance has been dramatically improved by technology that enables the miniaturization of semiconductor circuit patterns. Canon develops and manufactures state-of-the-art semiconductor lithography equipment for imprinting circuit patterns, achieving gains in miniaturization and raising productivity. Currently we are undertaking R&D on next-generation semiconductor manufacturing equipment for nanoimprint lithography technology, which will enable further miniaturization and cost reductions.

Commercial Photo Printers

Retail photo businesses receive orders from customers in-store and online for such services as printing and photo album creation, making it easy to enjoy printing and organizing photos. Canon develops commercial photo printer systems designed to assist businesses in the retail photo industry. Thanks to technologies born from our expertise in inkjet printers and multifunction devices, such as high-density print head technology, our printers realize superior image quality and high productivity. Producing the same beautiful colors one would expect from silver halide images and clear, high-definition text, Canon commercial photo printers earn high acclaim from printing professionals.

Organic LED Panel Manufacturing Equipment

With advantages such as thinness, light weight and low power consumption, Organic LED (OLED) is fast becoming the next-generation choice for smartphones, televisions and other digital devices. OLED panel production requires advanced manufacturing equipment, including vacuum evaporation equipment for depositing organic material onto panel substrates and automated supply lines for glass substrates. Canon Tokki has unrivaled technology for both. In addition to boosting production capacity to match growth in the global market, Canon Tokki is strengthening its product capabilities for manufacturing larger and higher-resolution panels.