Year by year, Canon continues to strengthen its presence in the field of industrial equipment for manufacturing. We have integrated technologies developed by such Canon Group companies as Oce, Axis Communications and Milestone Systems with the optical and image processing technologies Canon has cultivated over the years. Meanwhile, we continue promote the development of next-generation technologies.

Network Cameras

The network camera industry is growing in step with rising security concerns worldwide. Combining our expertise in imaging technology with Axis’s network video processing technologies and Milestone’s video management software has enabled Canon’s solutions business to expand within this field. Canon network cameras are used not only for security, but also for monitoring at sports matches and other events, at manufacturing sites and by businesses using big data to perform marketing analysis.

Commercial-Use Printers

The market for digital printing continues to grow, thanks to such advantages as short-run production for a broad range of applications, quick turnaround and variable data printing. Featuring reliable hardware that produces high-quality images and smart workflow software, Canon’s commercial-use printers realize exceptional productivity that optimizes the entire printing process from the receipt of orders to post-production. Through our collaboration with Oce, we are also developing new technology for the fast-growing field of package printing.

Commercial Photo Printers

Modern retail photo businesses receive orders both in-store and online for services ranging from ordinary printing to photo album creation. Thanks to such technologies as our proprietary high-density print heads, Canon’s commercial photo printers produce both exquisite photos and high-definition text. Our commercial photo printers also deliver high image quality and productivity, earning acclaim from retail photo professionals for helping them share the joy of printing and album creation with customers.

Semiconductor Lithography Equipment

Present in everything from smartphones and computers to household appliances and vehicles, semiconductor chips are the “brains” of the products people use every day. Canon’s semiconductor lithography equipment plays a vital role in the chip manufacturing process, transferring the circuit patterns onto the chips. Chip production is dramatically increasing as we enter the IoT age, and we aim to support high productivity needs while researching mass production of next-generation semiconductor chips using nanoimprint lithography.

Organic LED Panel Manufacturing Equipment

Thanks to their appealing design, thinness, flexibility and low power consumption, demand is rising for Organic LED (OLED) panels for smartphones and televisions. Canon Tokki leads the world in OLED panel manufacturing equipment, boasting unrivalled technology for the vacuum evaporation equipment used to deposit organic material onto panel substrates and automated supply lines for glass substrates. While boosting their production capacity, they are pursuing development to meet future demand for larger, higher-resolution panels.

3D Machine Vision Systems

Capable of three-dimensionally recognizing the position and orientation of objects with high speed and high resolution, Canon’s 3D machine vision systems serve as the “eyes” of robots. We have commercialized a system for automating parts supply on production lines utilizing robotic arms, helping to increase the productivity of such manufacturing industries as automotive, automotive parts and electronics. We are also accelerating R&D into 3D machine vision applications for automating assembly processes and defect inspections.