Professionals in the fields of imaging place their trust in products not only for the quality of performance and ease of operation they deliver, but also for their reliability under demanding work conditions. Canon's innovative imaging technologies, which we develop through continuous R&D, incorporate feedback from exacting professionals in a wide range of fields, including movie production, photography, graphic design and healthcare.

Digital Cinema Cameras

For a wide range of professional film makers, involved in everything from major Hollywood productions to independent short films, Canon's Cinema EOS System has a sterling reputation. Since their introduction in 2011, our cinema cameras have breathed new life into the film industry by providing the flexibility of a compact design and outstanding image quality. Today, the pairing of our digital cinema cameras and exclusive EF cinema lenses enables ultra-high-resolution 4K recording. To maximize performance, Canon remains committed to in-house production of our core technologies, including CMOS sensors, image processors and lenses.

Professional Digital SLR Cameras

In 2017, the Canon EOS series of DSLR cameras—whose name was inspired by the Greek goddess of the dawn—celebrates its 30th anniversary. The EOS system enjoys the overwhelming support of professional photographers, especially in the fields of sports and journalism. Featuring Canon's proprietary large-format CMOS sensors and DIGIC image processors, our DSLR cameras offer an outstanding balance of speed, ease of use and image quality, and continue to evolve with advanced new video features. Equipped with such industry-leading, innovative technologies as Ultrasonic Motors (USM) and Image Stabilization (IS), our diverse EF lens lineup offers unrivalled performance.

Broadcast Equipment

Canon broadcast lenses are renowned for their outstanding optical performance and exceptional reliability. Their compact and lightweight designs ensure easy mobility and operability, making our lenses a leading choice for news reporting, television program production and sports broadcasting around the world. Features such as our Optical Shift Image Stabilizer ensure smooth framing and high-precision lens operation. As the world's broadcasting formats move from full HD to 4K and beyond, Canon's broadcasting lenses are keeping pace and continue to evolve with sights set on 8K.

Professional Displays

Fine-tuning colors and tones to achieve a desired appearance is an essential process for professional video production. Canon's reference displays, which achieve faithful color reproduction demanded by professionals, support video confirmation to make possible high-image-quality output in a wide range of 4K and HDR video production situations, from on-location shooting to use in broadcasting vans and studios. Canon's professional 4K displays are the result of pushing our R&D prowess to the limit for video, from input to output.

Professional Photo Inkjet Printers

Canon professional inkjet printers deliver accurate color reproduction as well as stunningly rich black tones and smooth gradation in dark shadows. The high-quality output meets the strict demands of professional photographers and graphic designers. Canon's latest advances in core technologies, including print heads and inks, raise the bar in productivity and color reproduction consistency. Our large range of professional inkjet printers gives customers a choice of ink systems—from eight color dye inks to twelve color pigment inks—and paper sizes from A3 to 60 inches. Additionally, printing is now possible on a wide selection of paper types.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography allows radiographers to confirm captured images instantly on a monitor. Compared to conventional film X-ray systems, patient exposure to radiation is dramatically reduced. This contribution to comfort and safety makes digital radiography the preferred method for many types of medical imaging. Canon introduced the world's first digital radiography system in 1998 and continues to lead the field with a lineup that extends from lightweight portable wireless models to fluoroscopy-compatible models. High-value-added upright and supine imaging functions meet a wide range of needs from treatment at disaster sites and remote locations to medical care at home.

Diagnostic Imaging Systems

Diagnostic imaging systems are advancing to meet the world’s evolving healthcare needs, capturing far more detailed images more quickly and with less burden on the patient. In 2016, Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation, one of the world’s leading medical equipment manufacturers, joined the Canon Group. This partnership has propelled Canon to the forefront of the medical equipment industry. Our current product line includes such highly efficient, value-added technologies as CT systems that minimize patient exposure to radiation, diagnostic ultrasound systems for examining internal organs and fetal growth, X-ray angiography systems that assist in intravascular treatment and MRI systems that realize a comfortable exam environment with quiet operation. Through our medical equipment business, Canon strives to contribute to the early detection and treatment of diseases.