In the fields ranging from imaging, photography and movie production to graphic design and even healthcare, all top professionals demand the best in performance and reliability. Canon technology and quality continues to evolve, tried and tested by professionals whose art and skills continue to evolve.

Digital Cinema Cameras

Canon's Cinema EOS System has earned a sterling reputation throughout the film industry, from the directors of major Hollywood productions to the creators of small-scale, one-person projects. Thanks to their combination of outstanding image quality and compact designs, our digital cinema cameras and EF cinema lenses have breathed new life into the film industry. We are also responding to the latest advances in resolution, from 4K/HDR to the coming generation of 8K.

Professional Digital SLR Cameras

The Canon EOS series was launched in 1987. Even in today’s digital age, the EOS system’s speed, ease of use and image quality has the overwhelming support of professional photographers in such fields as sports, journalism, fashion, advertising and nature, all of whom strive to capture the perfect moment. From ultra-wide angle to ultra-telephoto, Canon EF lenses expand the possibilities of visual expression. Forever pursuing new advancements in camera technology, we continue to earn the trust of demanding professionals.

Broadcast Equipment

Canon's broadcast lenses are a leading choice for television stations and video production around the world. For news, sports broadcasting and all types of productions where failure is unacceptable, we maintain a high market share. In addition to high image quality, our equipment is preferred for such advantages as their compact, lightweight designs that ensure easy mobility, proprietary Optical Shift Image Stabilizer for smooth framing and high-speed autofocus. Looking ahead, we are committed to 4K and the coming 8K generation.

Professional Displays

One of the key requirements of displays used for professional video production is faithful color reproduction. Canon’s 4K reference displays feature a proprietary image-processing engine for faithful reproduction of 4K/HDR images. They are used on-location in broadcasting vans and studios, and in video editing environments to fine-tune colors and tones to confirm that the desired quality has been achieved. We have also set our sights on the future, pursuing development to support next-generation video technology and 8K.

Professional Photo Inkjet Printers

Canon professional inkjet printers deliver accurate color reproduction as well as stunningly rich black tones and smooth gradation in dark shadows. The high-quality output meets the strict demands of professional photographers and graphic designers. Canon's latest advances in core technologies, including print heads and inks, raise the bar in productivity and color reproduction consistency. Additionally, printing is possible on a wide selection of paper types.

Digital Radiography

Advantages of digital radiography (DR) include reduced X-ray exposure for patients and the ability to immediately examine the images. In 1998, Canon launched a DR system that digitizes the X-ray image and instantly displays it on a monitor. Since then, we have continued to expand our lineup of innovative products and now offer lightweight, easy-to-use wireless models and models for dynamic imaging. DR has become the standard in modern healthcare, supporting efficient diagnosis in an increasing variety of medical settings.