Creating New Value and Solving Social IssuesMeeting Diversified Needs in Commercial Printing

Management Approach

We are contributing to value creation in a new age of digital printing, targeting the market for high quality, on-demand printing using a wide range of media.

Canon’s Approach

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In the field of commercial printing for publications, direct mail and other marketing materials, demand is growing annually for digital printing to enable small-run production of multiple items with quick turnaround rather than large traditional printing runs.

Leveraging its extensive track record of supplying MFPs, high-quality printers and other office equipment, Canon entered the digital commercial printing market in 2007 with the launch of the production printer imagePRESS C7000VP. Canon has continued to supply a range of digital printing products and related solutions.

In 2010, the Canon Group was strengthened with the arrival of Canon Production Printing (formerly Océ), a major player in commercial printing in Europe and the United States. By combining the unique skills of each company, we have augmented our lineup of products delivering superior quality, productivity and reliability, while also expanding our business to service a broad range of digital printing needs. PRISMA workflow software centrally manages the print production workflow from order intake to post-press processes for increased productivity in short run printing jobs. In 2017, we launched continuous feed inkjet presses for the graphic arts market to meet the growing demand for high-quality printing of luxury catalogs and premium direct mail items.

To enable customers to experience having the latest digital printing solutions at their fingertips, we opened Customer Experience Centers in the Netherlands, Germany, the United States and Japan to demonstrate state-of-the-art digital printers. Besides showcasing the latest digital printing presses, the centers are equipped with printing server systems, cutting and binding machines, and other finishing equipment to provide an end-to-end experience.

Going forward, we will continue pushing to create original value in the fast-growing field of industrial printing.

Relationship with SDGs

Canon’s commercial and industrial printing business contributes to the realization of SDG 9: “build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.” We will continue to create new value for society with high-quality, high-productivity printing solutions, while at the same time promoting innovation that utilizes digital printing technology.


Examples of Value Creation

Value Creation in the Graphic Arts Field

Designed for the graphic arts market, the ProStream1000 continuous feed digital press utilizes a proprietary media-pretreatment called ColorGrip which enables printing on a wide range of paper types by preventing ink from spreading and bleeding on papers and a specially developed polymer pigment inkset for realizing vibrant colors and enhancing abrasion resistance. In addition, air flotation non-contact drying technology is used to dry the ink while minimizing stress on the paper without using a paper conveyor belt. This ensures high speed double-sided printing while keeping haptics and gloss levels of the original paper unchanged. These technologies serve graphic arts needs for higher-quality, higher-definition images in the commercial printing market.

ProStream1000 continuous feed digital press for the graphic arts market

Digital Printing for Short Run Printing Applications

Canon is developing printers for various commercial printing needs.

The UV curing Colorado 1650 large-format production printer uses UVgel technology developed by Canon Production Printing. The proprietary UVgel ink minimizes the distinctive odor of UV ink and reduces thermal stress on the media, enabling printing for a wide range of media for either outdoor or indoor use.

In addition, the use of Canon Production Printing’s proprietary FLXfinish technology allows the curing timing of the ink to be controlled enabling separate printing in two modes for a shiny gloss finish or a high quality matt finish.

In 2019, the Colorado’s printing capabilities were showcased on a shuttle bus operating between Canon sites with a wrap-around design to advertise the Rugby World Cup 2019 (TM). The vivid and lightfast colors helped to build excitement for the inaugural staging of this event in Japan.

Canon shuttle bus featuring wrap-around graphics created using UV gel technology

Role for Elevated Printing Technology in Cultural Preservation and Diversity Support

The elevated printing technology offered by Canon Production Printing involves using UV curable ink and overprinting multiple layers of ink to produce an unprecedented visual appearance and texture. This technology has made it possible to achieve appearances and tactile feeling that were once impossible.

In the reconstruction of the tomb of the Ancient Egyptian 19th Dynasty pharaoh Seti I in the Valley of the Kings, based on 3D data of the tomb the relief sculptures that are up to 15 mm thick were successfully produced using the large format UV flatbed printer with elevated printing technology.

In the Netherlands, elevated printing is also being used to create street signage featuring Braille and raised QR codes for greater ease of access by visually impaired residents or visitors. In France, it has been used to reproduce paintings and in providing technical assistance to visually impaired visitors at art museums.

Tomb of Seti I, reproduced using elevated printing technology