Value Creation Process

The Canon Group has built its business over the years based on the philosophy of kyosei and inherited corporate DNA comprising deep Respect for Humanity, an Emphasis on Technology, and Enterprising Spirit. We have continued to grow as we anticipate social changes and effectively utilize our various resources, which include strong finances, a talented workforce and advanced technical capabilities. Good corporate governance has also been a key factor. Under its Excellent Global Corporation Plan, a series of five-year initiatives, Canon focuses on creating unique technology and ensuring business activities which are aligned with changing needs, while targeting faster progress in each business unit. The plan focuses especially on the three material themes of “Creating new value and solving social issues,” “Protecting and conserving the environment,” and “Responding to people and society as a good corporate citizen.” The value created through this process forms the foundation of our efforts to support the economy, the environment and society while realizing SDGs. Furthermore, by engineering this cycle of value, Canon reconfirms its role within a rapidly evolving society, enabling it to continuously grow and change, thus increasing our ability to make a difference.