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Here we present the essence of technologies that Canon has accumulated as a camera manufacturer, covering basic knowledge on EF lenses and production technologies.

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  • How Canon EF Lenses Are Made

    Do you know how Canon EF lenses are made?
    The lens is the eye of a camera. Here is an introduction to Canon’s precision-crafted lenses, which was only made possible through the latest technology.

  • How Lenses Function

    Find out the technology behind the camera lens, including how each lens is responsible for such roles as adjusting colors, distortion and focus, as well as changing the focal distance.

  • Introducing BR Lens technology

    Introduction of Blue Spectrum Refractive Optics (BR) lens, a new technology that corrects for chromatic aberrations at an exceptionally high level to make possible superior imaging performance.

  • Introducing NANO USM technology

    Nano USM is a new actuator developed by Canon that combines high-speed and high precision AF for still photo shooting and smooth and quiet AF for movies.

  • In Pursuit of the Ideal Lens

    For over 70 years, Canon has been pursuing the ideal lens. This video introduces how an image is created when light passes through a lens and also highlights Canon's technological breakthroughs in aspherical lenses, fluorite lenses and DO lenses, as well as the traditional craftsmanship that makes these lenses possible.

  • “EF Lens Technology”,
    a movie on EF lens technologies

    EF lenses surpassed the 100-million-unit mark in April 2014, which is Canon’s first-in-the-world* achievement. This video explains in detail some of the cutting edge technologies that Canon developed over the years, including new optics, actuators and coatings.*Based upon Canon's research, as of April 22, 2014

  • Fluorite Lenses-The Ultimate High-Performance Lenses

    Canon is now the only manufacturer to incorporate fluorite in its auto-focus lenses for SLR cameras.

  • Advanced Lens Coating Technology SWC (Subwavelength Structure Coating)

    The last challenge in lens design is the pair of phenomena known as ghosting and flare. Using a completely-new coating technology, SWC, Canon succeeded in overcoming those phenomena.

  • DO (Diffractive Optics) Lens (CG)

    DO (diffractive optics) lens elements enable telephoto lenses to be lighter and more compact while maintaining a high level of performance.


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  • Canon Digital Learning Center

    Canon EOS 101 : Photography and Videography Basics


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  • Canon Ambassadors & Their Favourite Lenses

    EFLens production reached 100 million units in April 2014 .To help to celebrate the lens landmark CPN(Canon Professional Network) spoke to the Canon Ambassadors about their favourite ever EF lens • •

  • Inside Canon’s 2010 L-series lenses

    In August 2010 Canon enhanced its L-series range of professional lenses with the announcement of four lenses • •


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