ACTION for GREEN - Environmental activities
Photo : Headquarters of Canon Australia with 5 Star Green Star, Sydney, Australia

Canon Australia

Eco-friendly office with 5 star green star

  • Energy saving
  • Environmental education

What is the Green Star Rating?

When Canon Australia moved its headquarters in April 2014, we aimed for a Green Star Rating for the office interior. The Green Star program, which is run by the Green Building Council of Australia, provides independent verification of the environmental performance of the fit-out in the areas of “Energy”, “Indoor Environment Quality”, “Management”, “Transportation”, “Water” and “Materials”. The green star scores run from 1 to 6 Star. Canon Australia achieved 5 Star Green Star (Australian excellence).

5 Star Green Star for Canon Australia and its effects

Canon Australia formed groups of employees when the project started. The Living Green group advised on areas such as energy efficiency and waste management to obtain 5 Star Green Star. The environment committee organizes topical environmental talks, community planting, clean-up days and bike rides. As a result, office CO2 emissions per unit floor area were reduced by about 50%. Thanks to the bike storage racks and showers, many employees commute by bike.

Office CO2 emissions per unit floor area
Bike storage racks
Interior decoration, designed by employees

Ms. Janet Leslie, Sustainability

To earn 5 Star Green Star, Canon Australia introduced energy efficient equipment and environmental friendly interior materials. We also noticed unexpected changes among employees: their attitudes changed through the working groups and environment committee. The employees actively engaged in environmental activities such as the Recycling Center, where employees bring items from home that they no longer need and exchange them, and the Cycling Group, which promotes commuting by bike. Moreover we realized the office showroom that we invite our customers to our office and show our environmental solutions such as the Document Management System.