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Photo : A garbage disposal machine used in residential areas, nursery schools and other locations

Canon Electronics (Japan)

Helping the environment with a garbage disposal machine

  • Recycling
  • Waste reduction

Launched the garbage disposal machine into the market in 2002

Canon Electronics launched the first garbage disposal machine model into the market in 2002. Since that time, several modifications were made. The exterior design was completely renewed with the latest model. The advantage of the latest model is its low energy technology, which is reflected on the customer's electric bill. Canon Electronics achieved this low energy technology by applying its own heater technology, which was developed for copying machine a long time ago. The previous model was equipped with two heaters. However, by introducing the new heater technology, they succeeded in combining two heaters into one. Moreover, they increased cleanliness and introduced easier operations, such as an automatic packaging system for residue after the process.

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Process flow of garbage disposal machine

Usage at residential complexes, schools, and other locations

The residue from the garbage disposal process can be reused as compost, and the machines help to circulate resources by Waste reduction. The machines run on residential power supplies, 100-volt in Japan, so they can be placed wherever there are regular electrical outlets. The machines operate at residential complexes, schools, company cafeterias, and many other locations. We get many positive comments against environment from machine users, like “This garbage disposal machine performs well in a hygienic manner.” “I'm pleased because this machine quickly transforms raw garbage into compost for my kitchen garden.”

Installed places by category
Installation results of garbage disposal machines (cumulative)

Mr. Yoshiyuki Iwai, Environmental Equipment

We initially focused our business on specific areas, like restaurants, golf clubs, and company cafeterias. However, more recently, municipalities, who are seeking to reduce garbage volume from their residential area, are becoming our main customer. Our garbage disposal machine is compact and easy-to-use. Some municipalities have installed our machine at garbage collection stations close to residential areas. Moreover, it reduce the volume of garbage and the residue is utilized as compost. The machines at nursery schools have increased. They are using it as a teaching mechanism for food education. Canon Electronics intends to continue contributing to the recycling of raw garbage. We hope that the awareness of society will shift to a more environmentally conscious one.