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Photo : Furusato Project — Linking Our Dream to the Future events held around Japan

Canon Marketing Japan

Biodiversity preservation and environmental education programs in partnership with local NPOs

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The Furusato Project — Linking Our Dream to the Future was launched in 2010

Canon Marketing Japan, with the objective of passing on beautiful, lush communities to the children of the future, holds events in various localities around Japan under the banner of the Furusato Project — Linking Our Dream to the Future. The events are centered in preserving biodiversity and providing environmental education programs. Canon Marketing Japan provides assistance to cooperating organizations running citizen-participatory programs, selected through a public application process, in the form of donations based on the number of used print cartridges the organizations collect for recycling. Since the Project began in 2010, more than 5,200 people, including Canon Group employees and their families, have participated in 240 events as of the end of 2016.

Cooperating with a variety of organizations to broaden the range of activities

Preserving biodiversity first requires many people to become aware of its necessity, and key to this is acquiring knowledge by participating in activities where people come in contact with nature. For this Project, Canon Marketing Japan has welcomed as partners the Public Resources Foundation and the Nature Conservation Society of Japan. The two partners help cooperating organizations in a variety of ways, such as providing subsidies, operating programs, and holding photography classes. The Project was certified in 2016 as a collaborative project of the Japan Committee for the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity.

Outline of the Furusato Project
Group photo with the Nishichugoku Sanchi Natural History Workshop, Hiroshima Prefecture

Mr. Yasutaka Yokoi, Corporate Social Responsibility

Our activities in 2016 covered many areas, starting with preserving terraced rice fields and maintaining forests as well as protecting rare species such as the Japanese giant salamander and sea turtles. These activities were well received by the participants, who gave such comments as: “This event got me interested in nature and living things” and “I learned the true meaning and importance of biodiversity.” Our activities are designed so everyone can participate, so if you are interested, please check the Project website. We intend to continue contributing to the preservation of biodiversity in collaboration with many cooperating organizations and convey the importance of biodiversity preservation to as many people as possible.