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Environmental leadership program at grooming secondary students leaders

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H3ROES Program

H3ROES is a program by NEA (National Environment Agency, Singapore) and Canon Singapore focused at inspiring secondary school students to be leaders in environmental and community outreach. On November 2011, NEA and Canon Singapore signed MOU (Memorandum of understanding) and H3ROES program officially launched. Students participate in the camp to learn how to reduce waste using 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) approach. After the camp, they will be required to spearhead environmental stewardship program in their school or local community.

MOU signing on November 2011

Grooming environmental leaders

H3ROES Camp has aimed to groom environmental leader at Kampung Kampus, which managed by WoW Kampung, NGO since 2011 every year. During the 3 days camp, students lean about the waste management, the real climate change, the rethinking food waste and conscious consumption. Moreover, they share the photographic technique and the usage of SNS to connect with a society. Since 2011, 114 schools and 553 students participated at the camp. The environmental project competition is held, the excellent schools are awarded. Through the competition and awards ceremony, they enjoyed their environmental activities.

H3ROES Camp 2012
Awards ceremony 2014

Spearhead to their local community

Since 2016, the H3ROES program expanded its activity area from their schools to their local community, in addition to the camp and the completion.
In 2016, H3ROES designed sandwich boards that represent their pledge for positive action, like “Bring my shopping bag at a supermarket”, “Don‘t waste foods” and others, and they wore the boards. They pledged our commitment to the environment with people around their neighborhood together with 130 students from 12 schools. Moreover, they pledged for the environment through social media, Instagram and the number of posts on Instagram was 1090.
In March 2017, H3ROES program aimed to deepen the engagement with students through the selection and training of student leaders and a total of 28 SuperH3ROES were engaged. Some of SuperH3ROES were briefed the camp together with the WoW Kampung facilitators.

Pledges with wearing sandwich boards
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Ms. Sylvia Seah, Domestic marketing

Canon Singapore promotes environment movement through reaching out to the community, focusing at inspiring youths — the next generation to take action towards the 3Rs — Reduce, Reuse & Recycle (Hence the 3R in the H3ROES) for a more sustainable living.
The most difficult part is often to rally people to actually care and take action. People often understand the intention but may not be convicted enough to do something about it. That‘s the gap we hope bridge.
Our vision is to sustain the H3ROES program and make it a signature program of Canon, synonymous with our corporate philosophy of Kyosei.