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Photo : Photo from Oceanic Environmental Monitoring from Animal Sightlines, a Round 1 project

The Canon Foundation (Japan)

Assistance for research projects working to solve environmental problems

  • Conservation of nature / Biodiversity / NPO

Established in 2008, the Canon Foundation has assisted 114 research projects

The Canon Foundation was established in 2008, amid rapid economic globalization and spread of information networks, to help solve environmental problems, resource problems, and other issues affecting humanity across national and regional boundaries. At the root of the Foundation's establishment is the desire of Canon, as a company that endorses the kyosei philosophy, to repay our obligation to society, in ways beyond our Group's products and services, in order to make people's lives richer and fuller. The Canon Foundation's objective is to contribute to the sustained prosperity of society and to the well-being of mankind. The Foundation seeks to realize this objective by providing assistance to a broad range of organizations and individuals engaged in research, businesses, and education across an array of science, technology, and cultural fields. The Foundation provides assistance under two programs called Creating Industry Foundations and Pursuing Ideals. As of the end of 2016, 114 research projects had received funding, paving the way to advancements and developments in many research areas.

Projects receiving assistance under the Pursuing Ideals program
Photo from Construction of a Real-Time Sonic Measurement Network for Small-Toothed Whales Living in the Asia Region, in 2011

Aiding numerous research projects taking on environmental problems

The Canon Foundation has provided assistance to many research projects tackling environmental problems. For example, under the Creating Industry Foundations program, Environment, Resources, and Energy is one of six science and technology fields where economic development is being encouraged. A diverse mix of environmental projects in this field are looking at such topics as energy and resource problems, environmental conservation, and global warming. In addition, under the Pursuing Ideals program, Ocean was set as the research theme for the first five years, and Food is the current theme. Many research projects have been brought together under each of these themes in search for solutions to various environmental problems. Examples of past environmental projects that have received assistance and published results include Construction of an Environmental-Symbiotic High-Efficiency Optical Energy Conversion System in 2010 and Creation of Extremely-Low-Power Flat LSI Auto-Design Technology for the Realization of Green IT in 2012, under the Creating Industry Foundations program, and Oceanic Environmental Monitoring from Animal Sightlines in 2010 and Clarification of the Skeleton Growth Mechanisms in Reef-Building Coral that Record Their Environment in 2013 under the Pursuing Ideals program.


Mr. Takeo Ono, The Canon Foundation

For its Pursuing Ideals program, the Canon Foundation sets out a research theme each year from the perspectives of frontier, welfare, and sustainability. As a result, about one in three research projects deal with the environment, and we have assisted research into marine life and ocean currents, research on blue carbon, research into agricultural crops that can withstand global warming, and many other projects. One of the projects we supported, Construction of a Real-Time Sonic Measurement Network for Small-Toothed Whales Living in the Asia Region, in 2011 one project that delved into the ecology of the endangered South Asian river dolphin, won a Fujisankei Communications Group Award at the 25th Global Environment Awards in Japan. The Canon Foundation is dedicated to help solve environmental problems by continuing to assist research projects like these.