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Photo : Schoolchildren take part in an environmental education outreach program

Fukushima Canon (Japan)

Environmental social contribution activities rooted in the local community

  • Environmental education

Eco School — an environmental education outreach program with four different types of curriculums

Fukushima Canon is involved in developing and running a number of grassroots activities, focusing on serious global environmental problems affecting all of us, that aim to teach schoolchildren, who will be our future leaders, about the importance of protecting the global environment and to develop within them an awareness of the environment. One of these activities is Eco School, an environmental education outreach program, launched in 2007, given to older elementary schoolchildren in the local region. Currently, Fukushima Canon has prepared four different types of curriculums (a water quality experiment, an acid rain experiment, an experiment dividing materials for recycling, and an inkjet printer disassembly experiment) and provides the program to schools on request. One feature of these original classes is that they are completely run by Fukushima Canon employees, with employees serving as instructors. As of the end of 2016, Fukushima Canon had given 35 Eco School programs to approximately 1,000 schoolchildren.

Schoolchildren participating in Eco School programs by year
Schoolchildren join in an experiment to disassemble printers

Junior Photographers — focusing on the local surrounding nature and environment

Another Fukushima Canon activity is Junior Photographers, started in 2010, which develops children's sensibilities through photo culture and provides them with a place to experience communicating their own discoveries and impressions to others. After receiving instructions from professional photographers on how to operate cameras and tricks for better shots, the children go outside to take photographs anyway they like while coming in contact with the natural world. After the photo session, the children print out and title their favorite photos, and each child presents their artworks to the rest of the class. As of the end of 2016, Fukushima Canon had held 35 Junior Photographers programs for more than 1,800 children.

Children participating in Junior Photographer programs by year
Children shot photos with digital cameras

Mr. Katsunori Amano, Environment

Our aim at Fukushima Canon is to be a company appreciated by the local community. This is why we promote environmental social contribution activities that are rooted in the local Fukushima community. Two examples are our environmental education outreach program, which foster schoolchildren's awareness of protecting our natural environment, and Junior Photographers, a program that lets children experience the excitement of expressing new discoveries and their own sensibilities by taking photographs of the nature around them. We have received many encouraging comments from participating children: “It was very interesting because I could learn in a fun way about the causes of river pollution and the importance of recycling” from Eco School. “I always try to look at nature, but by joining this program I experienced again the wonder of nature.” from Junior Photographers program. Fukushima Canon will continue activities designed to raise awareness of the importance of caring for the global environment among children who will lead the next generation.