ACTION for GREEN - Environmental activities
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Canon (Japan)

Annual global internal events about the environment

  • Environmental education

Once-a-year internal environment event

Canon started holding an internal exhibition introducing good practices of environmental activities from Japan only in 2003, with the objective of promoting more environmental initiatives. The exhibition went global in 2008, when good practices of overseas activities were also included. And in 2009, the exhibition developed into the environmental awards system, in which top management awarded outstanding environmental activities. The events have served to activate internal development of exceptional environmental activities and proven to be valuable opportunities to raise employees' environmental awareness.

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History of internal environmental events

Refinement through competition

Canon challenges every day to overcome environmental issues under the slogan “Action for Green,” which is based on the corporate philosophy Kyosei. During this event, we organize the Environmental Awards and the Environmental Exhibition every year. For the Environmental Awards, we select award winners from entries submitted from around the world. And for the Environmental Exhibition, we exhibit the outstanding environmental activities. We have been running Web-exhibitions on the Group's intranet, in conjunction with the event since 2013, so that Group employees unable to attend the exhibition in person can easily access the exhibits. As a result, best practices are being deployed horizontally faster than ever before.

Presentations at the exhibition of outstanding environmental activities

Mr. Yuichiro Tanaka, Environment

The internal environmental events are held at Canon Global Headquarters in Tokyo Japan, in June each year during Japan's Environmental Month. These events are an excellent opportunity for employees working in development, production, logistics, marketing, administration, and other divisions to again think about how Canon can contribute to solving the environmental issues society is facing. In addition to the jump in entries from about 30 in the first year the awards were held to about 60 from both Japan and abroad in 2016 and the rising environmental awareness among employees, we are thrilled to see the increase in outstanding efforts that have made real contributions to society. All our hardships vanish when we witness the delight of the award winners at the awards ceremony. We intend to continue developing worthwhile events where all Group employees can think about the environment.