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Nagahama Canon (Japan)

Endless challenge to reduce waste

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Reducing environmental impacts as a corporate target

Nagahama Canon aims to reduce environmental impacts, such as by saving energy, reducing waste and minimizing chemical usage in the production process. We are striving to recycle waste resulting from the production process instead of disposing of it, and to reuse the waste as a resource. We separate waste into 77 categories based on material type and color, and this detailed separation helps the recycling.
In addition to recycling waste, we are also adding value to the waste. For example, in 2015 we introduced compactors to make plastic bags and polystyrene foam into plastic blocks. As a result, we are able to transport them more efficiently and perform open material recycling.
Nagahama Canon continues to recycle and recirculate resources by carefully separating waste and adding value to it.

Compactor for plastic bags Compactor for plastic bags
Compactor for polystyrene foam Compactor for polystyrene foam

Mr. Yasuyuki Shichiri, Facilities and Environment

Nagahama Canon has started activities to reduce waste and perform open material recycling. We aimed to achieve open material recycling of more than 50% in 2013. We made great efforts by trial & error to increase the ratio through several approaches. Initially we received several negative comments from the production team: they said it is difficult to make the time to separate waste when they are busy. However, we confidently explained the importance of recycling resources. Currently, we have exceeded the target by thoroughly separating waste and introducing a compactor.