ACTION for GREEN - Environmental activities
Photo : Closed wastewater system

Oita Canon Material (Japan)

An initiative to achieve a zero-wastewater factory

  • Resource efficiency
  • Recycling
  • Conservation of nature / Biodiversity / NPO

Introduction of a closed wastewater treatment system ∗

Canon promotes wastewater recycling by the most optimal method at all of its business locations. Oita Canon Materials' Kitsuki Plant is located within sight of Beppu Bay, home to picturesque scenery unlike any in the world and a treasury of valuable fishery resources. To preserve the abundant waters that the factory overlooks, the company introduced a closed wastewater treatment system that does not discharge any wastewater apart from rainwater and thereby achieved a zero-wastewater factory.

∗ A closed wastewater treatment system does not allow wastewater to drain off the factory premises.

Wastewater processing equipment (an evaporation‐enrichment system)

System driven by wastewater recycling technologies

The system is driven by various wastewater recycling technologies that Canon has accumulated. Wastewater is collected separately as domestic wastewater, production process wastewater, and facility wastewater. Each type of wastewater then undergoes the appropriate treatment and is reused as industrial water, mainly as supplementary water for cooling towers. Impurity by-products of the treatment process are dried and then recycled as raw materials for cement.

Beppu Bay as viewed from the factory

Mr. Toshihiro Sonoda, Facilities and Environment

Many people have become interested in introducing closed wastewater treatment systems to achieve zero-wastewater factories. On occasion, we give traveling classes on the environment and water treatment tours to teach elementary schoolchildren about the importance of water and about our mechanisms to clean water. Oita Canon Materials' environmental policy is to live in harmony with the local environment and to maximize energy and resource productivity. Working from this policy, every employee at the company is committed to helping lower our environmental impact.