Awards and Recognition

March 27, 2018

Canon Inc. ranks first among manufacturing companies for the second year running in 21st Nikkei Environmental Management Survey

Canon Inc. announced that the Company has ranked first for the fourth time among manufacturing companies in Nikkei Inc.’s 21st Environmental Management Survey, receiving high ratings for each criterion, including perfect score for resource recycling.

Started in 1997 by Nikkei Inc., the Environmental Management Survey is an annual survey that assesses businesses’ endeavors to improve environmental measures and management efficiency. This year’s survey was based on a questionnaire sent to 1,724 companies that answered by 395 companies.

In the manufacturing category, each company’s level of environmental management structure, pollution and biodiversity-related measures, resource recycling, environmental product policy and measures against global warming, and ranked based on their total score.

In this year’s survey, Canon achieved a perfect score for resource circulation for such product-to-product recycling initiatives as re-use and recycling systems for office multifunction devices and toner and ink cartridges. Additionally, the Company also scored highly for other criteria — with such activities as the Company’s carbon offset program that realize products with practically zero lifecycle CO2 emissions by such products as office multifunction devices and some production printers to zero — achieving a total score of 491 (out of 500), placing first in the manufacturing category for the second year running.

Under its environmental vision “Action for Green”, introduced in 2008, Canon set a goal of a 3%-per-year improvement in the lifecycle CO2 emissions improvement index per product. And Canon is proactively making efforts through such initiatives as restricting volume of CO2 emissions during operation at production sites, a modal shift in Logistics, reduced energy consumption during product use, product remanufacturing,* reusing parts and recycling toner and ink cartridges. As a result, in 2016, the lifecycle CO2 emission improvement index per product was approximately 34% of those in 2008 — successfully achieving an average reduction of approximately 5% a year.

Canon’s environmental vision “Action for Green” aims to realize a society that promotes both enriched lifestyles and the global environment through technological innovation and improved management efficiency. Throughout the entire product lifecycle — Produce, Use, Recycle — Canon continues to expand activities with its customers and business partners to minimize environmental burden in pursuit of this environmental vision.

  • *A process of selecting parts that can be reused from used products, cleaning and repairing those parts and using them to remanufacture products. Remanufactured products are guaranteed to have the same quality as products manufactured entirely with new parts.