Procurement Policy for the Sustainable Use of Forest Resources

To promote the sustainable use of forest resources, the Canon Group established a policy on the procurement of timber products to which it strictly adheres. Initiatives we pursue under this policy include the use of paper manufactured under forest certification schemes, and paper manufactured from environmentally conscious raw materials.

Basic Policy on the Procurement of Timber Products

  1. Use sustainable forest materials
    In its procurement of timber products, the Canon Group uses materials supplied from forest resources managed exclusively for use as timber products.
  2. Trace the origin of forest resources used
    We seek the cooperation of business partners to ensure the traceability of products throughout the manufacturing process, from the harvest of raw materials onward.
  3. Confirm evidence of traceability
    Canon works with its business partners to ensure the traceability of materials used in Canon products (or OEM products) and their packaging that are subject to timber product regulations in each country.

The Canon Group has provided a management standard for timber products in accordance with the above policy.