Biodiversity Policy

Canon recognizes biodiversity as essential for a sustainable society. We carry out various activities to conserve and protect biodiversity under our Biodiversity Policy, which applies to the entire Canon Group.

Basic Policy

Canon fully recognizes biodiversity as an important basis for a sustainable society, and promotes activities that contribute to biodiversity conservation.

Action Guidelines

  • Canon strives to conserve biodiversity with consideration for various regional characteristics from a global perspective.
  • Canon actively works to reduce the impact on biodiversity associated with various business activities, and to conduct social-contribution activities that lead to biodiversity conservation.

Specific Actions

  • “Utilization of Canon technologies and products for biodiversity conservation”
    Support for biodiversity conservation activities and projects
  • “Consideration for biodiversity centered on operational sites”
    Ascertaining the impact of our business activities on biodiversity, and conservation of animal and plant habitats around operational sites
  • “Contribution to the realization of a community rich in biodiversity”
    Promotion of biodiversity conservation activities and educational activities in collaboration with local communities

Canon Bird Branch Project

Biodiversity refers to the way living things interact as they coexist on earth. Within this sphere, birds occupy the top position in a local ecosystem pyramid of plants, insects, and small animals, symbolizing the cycle of life.
In line with this concept, Canon promotes the Bird Branch Project as a symbol of the activities it conducts based on its Biodiversity Policy.
The Bird Branch Project was officially launched at Canon’s Shimomaruko headquarters (Tokyo) in 2015, following the creation of a wild bird habitat, including the installation of birdhouses and bird baths, within the campus grounds. Moreover, we continuously examine wild birds through fixed-point monitoring using network cameras and a route census to investigate the types of wild birds living along a predetermined route. In June, designated as Environment Month in Japan, we set up an in-house display to raise awareness of our activities among employees.
Canon Inc.’s Toride Plant, Susono Plant, and Kawasaki Office joined the Bird Branch Project along with Oita Canon’s Oita Plant and Canon Research Centre France in 2016. Canon Research Centre France has been carrying out biodiversity surveys and conservation activities at its operational site since 2011 in conjunction with LPO, a local NGO and official partner of BirdLife International in France.
Going forward, the company will step up these activities through collaboration within the Canon Group. In 2016, the Toride Plant, Susono Plant and Kawasaki Office along with the Oita Plant began surveying wild birds on their operational sites in conjunction with the Wild Bird Society, marking a full-fledged start to these activities.
Furthermore, Canon Marketing Japan Inc. kicked off Bird Week in May by holding the Wild Bird Photo Festa feat. Canon Bird Branch Project. The event featured seminars on the ecology of wild birds and wild bird photography, providing visitors with an opportunity to gain knowledge about biodiversity and the etiquette of photographing wild birds.
Going forward, we plan to increase the number of operational sites participating in the project as part of our efforts to conserve and protect biodiversity.

Nest set up at Canon’s head office in Shimomaruko

Nest set up at Canon’s head office in Shimomaruko

Wildfowl survey at operational site conducted in collaboration with the Wild Bird Society of Japan

Wildfowl survey at operational site conducted in collaboration with the Wild Bird Society of Japan