Canon Virginia

Home to a wide variety of wildlife
Canon Virginia is located in the state of Virginia on the U.S. east coast. Local Boy Scouts, wildlife experts, and employee volunteers work together on biodiversity conservation activities to improve the living habitat for wildlife on Canon Virginia's expansive property.


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Canon Virginia employees tour the property with Boy Scouts and others from the local community to observe and photograph wild birds and other wildlife. Because these observation events are held several times a year, Canon Virginia has prepared observation and photography backpacks for participants. The backpacks contain a camera, batteries, two zoom lenses, binoculars, and a guidebook.


On this day, the kickoff meeting was attended by 40 Boy Scouts, Scout leaders, and Canon volunteers. The meeting began with wild bird ecology surveys, documentation with photos, and construction of nest boxes. A lecture by a wildlife expert taught the participants how to identify wild bird species.


Bird nest boxes have been set up in about 30 locations on the property. They include a large nest box for owls and a bird house. We carry out regular observations of how birds are using and nesting in these nest boxes.


Birds at the Canon Virginia

  • White Heron

    White Heron

  • Grey Heron
  • Osprey


  • Northern Mockingbird

    Northern Mockingbird

  • Robin (juvenile)

    Robin (juvenile)

  • American Goldfinch

    American Goldfinch