History Since 1990

Chronological History of the Collection Program

The Canon toner cartridge recycling program celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2015.
On this page we look back at the history of the program, along with selected trends in environmental regulation.

Stages of the Toner Cartridge Recycling Program   Environmental Events around the World
Released the world's first copying machine, PC-10/20,
incorporating an all-in-one toner cartridge.
Started the collection of toner cartridges
in Japan, the US and Germany.
Started toner cartridge recycling
at Canon Dalian Business Machines, Inc. in China.
Received a letter of commendation
from Canadian Prime Minister Martin Brian Mulroney.
Received the first "Grand Prize"
at the Global Environment Awards in Japan.
Started closed-loop recycling for plastics.
1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development
(The Earth Summit) held in Brazil.
  1993 The Basic Environment Law implemented in Japan.
  1994 UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
  1996 ISO14001 Standard for
Environmental Management Systems issued.
Started toner cartridge recycling at Canon Virginia, Inc. in the US,
and Canon Bretagne S.A.S. in France.
1997 The Kyoto Protocol adopted.
Started the online return system for the collection of
used toner cartridges in the US.
Started recycling in Japan. 2002 The World Summit on Sustainable Development
held in South Africa.
Reached 100,000 tons(accumulated) of collected materials.
Established a landfill-free recycling system
at all four sites around the world.
2003 The WEEE Directive put into force in the EU.
  2005 The Kyoto Protocol implemented.
Received the METI Minister's Prize for the 3Rs
(Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) Awards in Japan.
2006 Restriction of substances under RoHS started in the EU.
The EPEAT® rating system initiated in the US.
Received the Chairperson's Award
at the 4th Eco-Products Awards
Steering Committee in Japan.
2007 The REACH Regulation implemented in the EU.
Reached 200,000 tons(accumulated) of collected materials.
Received the Fuji Sankei Group Award
at the 17th Global Environment Awards
in Japan.
Introduced a new material recycling plant
at Canon Virginia, Inc.
2010 The International Year of Biodiversity declared.
Reached 300,000 tons(accumulated) of collected materials. 2012 The UN Conference on Sustainable Development,
Rio + 20 conference held in Brazil.
Introduced a new material recycling plant
at Canon Bretagne S.A.S.
2013 Shale gas revolution
Commemorated the 25th anniversary
of toner cartridge recycling program.