Canon's Perspective

Pursuing the Maximization of Resource Efficiency through Environmental Conservation Activities

The Canon Group Environmental Charter defines the guiding principles for our environmental conservation activities.
Under Canon's corporate philosophy: Kyosei, the charter addresses the theme of maximizing resource efficiency. We strive to achieve greater output with fewer raw materials, so as to make the most effective use of the earth's finite natural resources.

Kyosei Achieve corporate growth and development while contributing to the prosperity of the world and the happiness of humankind. In the interest of world prosperity and the happiness of humankind, pursue maximization of resource efficiency, and contribute to the creation of a society that practices sustainable development.

Treating Used Toner Cartridges as Recyclable Resources

Canon established recycling activities across the Group from the early days, using its expertise as a manufacturer to promote its own recycling program and achieve resource circulation. We have also implemented a system of recycling toner cartridges in our major market, in order to minimize environmental impact.
We view it as a manufacturer's responsibility to maximize resource circulation. The important focus is not simply the products themselves, but to continue to use the underlying materials as resources for as long as possible. Canon considers that material recycling and resource reuse based on this mind-set represents the most appropriate and effective method of resource management.

Ideal Recycling for Resource Circulation

Focusing on extending the life of materials through recycling for as long as possible, rather than focusing only on the products themselves.

Canon's own recycling  to maximize its expertise. Recycling in high usage areas to minimise environmental impact. Considering resource circulation from the product development stage. Recycling at consumption area sites to minimize environmental impact. Maintaining resource circulation within each region of the world