Managing Chemical Substances Used in Manufacturing Processes

The chemical substances handled during manufacturing at Canon include “controlled chemical substances” regulated in terms of adverse effect on the environment, human health and safety, etc. Canon separates these substances into three categories: A) Prohibited substances; B) Emission reduction substances; and C) Regulated substances. In turn, effective measures are in place for each category.

Prohibited substances are defined as those prohibited under the Chemical Weapons Convention, the Stockholm Convention, the Montreal Protocol and the Convention concerning Safety in the Use of Asbestos, as well as specified greenhouse gases (PFC/HFC/SF6), other soil and groundwater pollutants, and substances that significantly impact people’s health.

Greenhouse gases other than PFC/HFC/SF6, greenhouse gases identified by the IPCC as having global warming potential (GWP), volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other substances specified by Canon are designated as emission reduction substances.

Regulated substances are chemical substances with defined compliance requirements, including compliance with reference values and the ascertainment of usage and storage quantities.

Reducing Use and Emissions of Controlled Chemical Substances

Canon engages in various initiatives at its operational sites to reduce emissions of controlled chemical substances.

Canon Zhuhai, which uses hydrofluoroether in the cleaning of parts, collects the waste liquid and has installed equipment enabling them to reuse this substance.

Oita Canon Materials has installed combustion removal equipment in the exhaust path of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) generated in the spray coating of parts, thereby reducing their emission into the atmosphere.

As a result of these initiatives, in 2016 we successfully reduced our emissions of controlled chemical substances to 572 tons, a 5.5% reduction compared to 2015.

Emissions of Controlled Chemical Substances and Amount of Chemical Substances Designated by the PRTR System*

Emissions of Controlled Chemical Substances and Amount of Chemical Substances Designated by the PRTR System*

  • * Note: PRTR System: Pollutant Release and Transfer Register System
    A notification system for the transfer and release of chemical substances.
  • * Controlled chemical substances exclude regulated substances.
  • * Océ Group data has been included only for controlled chemical substance volume starting in 2013. Océ Group data has been added to emissions of controlled substances and emissions of PRTR substances in 2014.