Product Development Initiatives

Product Development Initiatives Aimed at Efficient Use of Resources

Making Products Smaller and Lighter

The most important means of achieving more efficient use of resources is simply to use less of those resources, so Canon strives to make its products smaller and lighter.

For example, the new TS8000 series inkjet printer PIXMA is about 44% smaller and 29% lighter than the older MG6200 series models. We also reduced the size of packaging by about 31%, which will make shipping more efficient and lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Recycling-Conscious Design

The trend toward recycling and reusing resources is growing in response to concerns over the depletion of natural resources. Canon gives careful consideration to this in each stage of the production process, from design and development to post-use collection and recycling, through the use of Lifecycle Assessments (LCA) and the Product Assessment System.

Specifically, to assist these efforts in the design stage we formulated the Environmentally Conscious Design Guidance, which covers an array of considerations, including product-related environmental laws and regulations, Green Public Procurement standards, and environmental label standards in the countries where we sell our products.

The Environmentally Conscious Design Guidance contains design guidelines relating to such matters as information disclosure, reduced use of materials, ease of disassembly, and ease of sorting materials following disassembly.

Making Products Smaller and Lighter Making Products Smaller and Lighter

Making Products Smaller and Lighter