Initiatives to Reduce Waste at Operational Sites

Reducing Waste

Canon is working hard to reduce the amount of waste it generates. Efforts include increasing recycling through sorting and collection, and reducing the amount of waste itself.

In particular, we have sought to determine which factors most significantly affect waste generation for each division and each production process. Based on this, we have a number of ongoing initiatives to curb waste generation, including reducing the amount of scrap materials resulting from manufacturing and using returnable packaging.

As a result of such initiatives at our various sites, total waste generation in 2016 amounted to 98,417 tons, down 1.2% compared to 2015.

Total Waste Generated

Total Waste Generated

  • * Sales outlets of marketing companies (worldwide) included in data count have been expanded starting in 2014.

Initiatives Related to In-House Waste Recycling and Outside Resource Recovery

Canon actively works to reduce the amount of waste originating from its operations and to reuse or recycle waste where possible, appropriately disposing of any waste that can be neither reused nor recycled in accordance with the law.

Our various operational sites employ a range of in-house recycling initiatives, including reprocessing waste plastic from injection molding or recycling it for other equipment.

Even in the case of waste that must be sent outside the Company, we make sure it does not enter landfills*. Rather, we contract with companies that reprocess waste into raw materials.

In 2016, contracted companies processed 92,323 tons of waste from Canon back into raw materials.

  • * Except for some general waste generated by business activities that is disposed of under government oversight