Aiming for Sustainable Water Resources

Water Risk in Regions Where Canon Production Sites are Located

Canon assesses locations to confirm available water intake volume before establishing offices and facilities. According to the World Resources Institute’s* water risk map “AQUEDUCT,” none of Canon’s production sites are located in a region considered to be extremely high risk.

  • * World Resources Institute: WRI is an independent institute based in the United States that conducts policy research and provides technical assistance concerning environmental and development issues around the world.

Reducing Water Usage

Canon keeps water data by intake source (public water system, industrial water system, or groundwater) and manages water resources carefully so as not to exceed intake limits for the various regions in which it operates. We also manage targets for the volume of water used in production and constantly strive to reduce water usage by improving production processes and eliminating wastage.

In 2016, water usage throughout the Canon Group was 9,410 ㎥, a year-on-year decrease of 3.4% from 2015.

Use of Water Resources

Use of Water Resources

  • *Note: Sales outlets of marketing companies (worldwide) included in data count have been expanded starting in 2014.

Water Recycling at Production Sites

Canon promotes the recycling of water resources.

The Kitsuki Plant of Oita Canon Materials Inc. is located on Beppu Bay, home to precious natural resources. In consideration of the impact on the ecosystem, the plant employs a closed wastewater system that discharges nothing but rainwater.

Canon Canada’s Rainwater Reuse System

A rainwater reuse system was installed at Canon Canada’s new headquarters completed in 2016. Rainwater is collected from the roof of the building and stored underground in a 45,000㎥-capacity tank. The collected water is used for toilets and on-site irrigation. The system is expected to reduce annual water use by about 2,300 ㎥.

Canon Canada’s new headquarters building

Canon Canada’s new headquarters building

Preparing to install a rainwater recycling system

Preparing to install a rainwater recycling system