Photo of Shoko Ishiyama (right) and Eriko Nagashima (left)

After achieving visualization of the environmental impact of the whole product lifecycle, Canon took on the next challenge of figuring out how to reduce that environmental impact continuously. Canon has already built a PDCA cycle approach through the environmental management system, and expanded this system across the entire Canon Group company.
Ishiyama and Nagashima, who currently work in the Canon Group environmental management system supervising section, supporting the operations of the system, discuss the history of this system up to this point.

Flow Chart of PDCA cycle

IshiyamaIn 1996, Canon obtained BS7750 certification as a preceding step of ISO14001, the first Japanese company to do so. Since then, Canon has proceeded with obtainment of ISO14001 certification mainly at manufacturing sites, by individual company and site. In 2004, in order to reinforce environmental management of the whole Group, a policy of consolidated certificate was established. And, the processes were started in 2005 and the processed were completed in 2007.
In Step 1, the first year of the plan, all operational sites of Canon Inc. and Group manufacturing companies in Japan are consolidated. In Step 2, Group manufacturing companies outside Japan, and in Step 3, marketing companies in Japan are consolidated. Consolidation of Group marketing companies was carried out gradually from Step 1 to Step 3. The Canon Group consolidated 104 companies over the three years. The current scope of certification covers more than 130 companies.

History Chart of Consolidation process of ISO14001 certification History Chart of Consolidation process of ISO14001 certification

Consolidation process of ISO14001 certification

Unification of environment management vectors is not easy for Canon, which has established business sites all over the world.

IshiyamaCanon Group companies outside Japan and companies that joined the Group through M&A had already build their own systems individually. I therefore wonder if some of them felt resistance to use of the common rules of the Group. Because of differences in environmental consciousness depending on countries and companies, we get some questions about why they must consolidate the certificate, and why they must observe the common rules.
When a Canon Group company outside Japan is merged in the integration step, all our members visit each site individually to explain the importance of this activity. I think they, through various communications, will come to understand the advantages of consolidated certification gradually.

The environmental management system of the whole Canon Group was completed, including all business units and marketing companies. The PDCA cycle for continuous improvement has been initiated

NagashimaAlthough an environmental assurance system for products has been built in each business units, it was a consolidated certification that granted the opportunity to exhibit the systematic framework of the whole group. At that time, EMS and ISO14001 certificates were not familiar to our business units. I heard that it was therefore difficult to make business units understand the system.
Marketing companies participated in integration, and as a result, the PDCA cycle can start running in the whole product lifecycle through the ISO14001 certified system. The new standard of ISO14001 that was revised in 2015 enhanced the consideration of lifecycle. Because this point had already pervaded Canon Group, the shift to a new standard went down smoothly.

Photo of Shoko Ishiyama

Shoko Ishiyama

Lead specialist, Environment Management System Promotion Department, Environment Management System Promotion Division, Global Environment Center, Canon Inc.

After being appointed to the environmental team, she engaged in activities related to the whole Canon Group, including implementation of environmental regulations, support of operations, and the secretariant of auditing process according to the ISO14001 consolidated certificate role, etc. She aims for maintenance and improvement of the functional management systems to cope with changes within the company and in society at large, while overcoming difficulties resulting from the large scale of the Group.

Photo of Eriko Nagashima

Eriko Nagashima

Environment Management System Promotion Department, Environment Management System Promotion Division, Global Environment Center, Canon Inc.

After joining the company, she engaged in environmental supervision and environment management operations at site, and currently works at the Global Environment Center. She engaged in implementation of environmental regulations common to the Canon Group, the secretariat of auditing process according to the ISO14001 consolidated certificate, etc. She seeks to make use of experience in the workplace, always proceeding with work from the viewpoints of both operational site and headquarters.

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