Contributing to a Low-Carbon SocietyActivities through Canon Products

Designing energy-efficient products supports to reduce CO2 emissions at customer use.

Designing Energy-Efficient Products

Canon is making efforts to design energy-efficient products, to reduce CO2 emissions at customer use.

For example, for its office multifunction devices (MFD) and laser printers, Canon uses energy-saving technologies, including on-demand fixing technology and induction heating (IH) fixing technology to reduce the amount of electricity needed during operation. Furthermore, we continue to make technological advances aimed at expanding our lineup of energy-saving products.

Energy-Saving Effects of Office Products

Thanks to energy-saving technologies used in office equipment, between 2008 and 2017 Canon products achieved cumulative energy savings of 36,907GWh (equivalent to reduction of 17,976,000 tons of CO2).

Energy-Saving Effects of Office Products
  • * Target products: Electrophotographic multifunction devices and laser printers for office (excluding production printer).
  • * Please refer the page 50 of Sustainability report 2018

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Response to Large-Scale Natural Disasters

Mitigation measures to lower emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases are important in minimizing the effects of climate change as much as possible, but adaptation measures are also needed at the same time to prepare for any impacts that cannot be mitigated.

Network cameras and other Canon products are helping to reduce disaster-related risks linked to extreme weather events on a global scale.

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Disaster Monitoring with Network Cameras

Because Taiwan is plagued nearly every year by flooding caused by powerful typhoons and heavy rain, causing crop damage and posing a danger to people, a Hydrological Conditions Instant Video Surveillance System has been introduced. Surveillance cameras were installed along the southwestern coastal areas to monitor flood-warning levels and automatically sound alarms as the possibility of a flood increases.

AXIS 214 PTZ Network Cameras and AXIS Camera Station video management software are being used at 150 hydrological sites throughout Taiwan in order to monitor changes in water level with a 360° range, 24 hours a day.

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Canon’s Environmentally Friendly Products

We introduce products and technologies, including energy-efficient products.

Environmental Technologies

We introduce the unique environmental technologies, which are essentials of Canon's environmental activities.