Awards and Recognition

November 28, 2019

The Canon Group is the sole company in the IT equipment industry to achieve a third-consecutive five-star (top) rating.

The Canon Group was awarded a five-star rating (the top rating) from the CEC (China Environmental United Certification Center) under the Green Supply Chain Rating Certification scheme. This was the Canon Group’s third five-star rating, making it the only company in the IT equipment industry to have received the certification three times in a row.

The Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection (now the Ministry of Ecology and Environment) launched this scheme to promote green production activities, green procurement, and environmental management of supply chains. The CEC, which operates under the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, conducts certification operations. The certification process involves a comprehensive assessment of a company’s environmental promotion framework, including its supply chain management.

Besides the IT industry, the furniture manufacturing industry, the printing industry, the TV device industry, and others participate in the scheme. The scheme is expected to expand further in the future.

Certificate of Green Supply Chain Assessment giving Canon a five-star rating

Certificate of Green Supply Chain Assessment giving Canon a five-star rating

This year, the Canon Group was recognized for the following endeavors, which led to the five-star rating.

  • Canon’s global headquarters practice consistent management throughout the Group and implement strict management over materials and over the environmental considerations of end products.
  • In the area of supplier management, Canon’s method of selecting suppliers and the details of its supplier assessment criteria, which are based on the Green Procurement Standards, meet the requirements of the Green Supply Chain Assessment Technical Model.*
  • The administration of supplier assessments is very rational.
  • *The standards used for green supply chain assessments