A new realm in environmental performance for a 4K projector

4K projectors are big and heavy, limiting their placement options. Canon, however, has pulled off incredible image quality and energy efficiency in a compact footprint by packing a new laser light source system and our AISYS optical system in a 4K model. The resulting 4K600STZ is the world's smallest*1 and lightest*1 4K laser projector.

This innovation lets customers use a 4K projector in spots where it couldn't fit before, while conserving resources and helping customers save energy.

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  • *1 Among 5000-lumen laser-light-source projectors with 4K or better resolution, as of July 6, 2017 (according to a survey by Canon)

Achieving both beautiful projected images and lower power consumption

Lower energy consumption during projections

Projectors are useful in many applications — projecting documents in meeting rooms or projecting digital textbooks in classrooms. Their downside is the large amount of power they consume in order to create the higher brightness and deeper contrast that give beautiful, easy-to-read images.

Canon's WUX500 and WUX500ST projectors make use of reflective liquid crystal panels known as LCOS (Liquid Crystal On Silicon) to produce rich, silky smooth images. The projectors also include our unique Aspectual Illumination System (AISYS) optical system, which reduces internal light losses and dramatically improves energy-efficient performance.

Compared to the previous WUX5000 model, the WUX500 uses approximately 19 percent*2 less energy and the WUX500ST 12 percent*2 less thanks to these technologies.

*2 When in full power mode.

Power Consumption (Full Power Mode) Power Consumption (Full Power Mode)

Power consumption (Full power mode)

Lower energy consumption in standby (Network standby)

Projectors are said to spend 50 to 80 percent of their time in standby mode. But even in standby mode, projectors still consume electricity to continuously monitor the operational status and maintenance information via the LAN connection (according to studies by Canon).

For the WUX500 and WUX500ST models, we designed the electronic circuitry to supply power only to the necessary functions at the necessary times. As a result, the new models consume approximately 65 percent less energy in standby (Network standby) than the previous WUX5000 model.

Standby Power (Network standby) Standby Power (Network standby)

Standby power (Network standby)

Compact design

The AISYS optical system mentioned above is now in its fifth generation, marking a significant evolution in both energy savings and compactness. The slimmer AISYS optical system allowed us to shrink the overall projector size. And with the addition of an integrated lens that achieves equal brightness at all zoom positions, we were able to fashion a compact design for the WUX500.

Compared with its predecessor, the WUX500 is approximately 48 percent more compact and approximately 35 percent lighter, which helps conserve resources.

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Size and weight