The mosaic art project is now complete!

See it here

Your photographs will adorn the final match venue.

At last, your powerful photos come together to form
this mosaic of the Webb Ellis Cup victory trophy.
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Try to find your own photo!

Mosaic art on display
at the final match.

The finished work will be displayed
on a wall of International Stadium Yokohama on November 2.
Your photos will help generate excitement for the final match!
*Final match ticket required for entry into the stadium


The mosaic art will be displayed at the final match venue,
International Stadium Yokohama.


The mosaic art will also be on display
at the open-admission Tokyo Sports Square fanzone
prior to the final match.
※Photos which uploaded by October 13 will be displayed.

Precautions for
participating in Mosaic Art

  • [Terms and conditions]
    Before participating in this mosaic art project, please carefully read and agree to the terms and conditions specified below. By posting an image to Instagram or Twitter with hashtag #rwc2019art, you are deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions.
  • ① Technical requirements for images
    ※ Only JPEG format images will be accepted.
    ※ There are no restrictions on the type of photography equipment (such as digital cameras, smartphones and tablets) used to capture images.
    ※ Images should be 3MB or less (resolution of approximately 2 million pixels).
    ※ Please refrain from posting composite images or images that have been significantly modified.
  • ② If you post an image subject to any rights of a third party, images containing copyrighted material of a third party, or portraits of a third party, you shall post the images with necessary prior consent of that third party.
  • ③ You agree that we may copy or modify the posted images to create or display this mosaic art.
  • ④ You agree to not assert any of your rights (including, but not limited to, copyright such as moral rights) in connection with any posted image.
  • ⑤ You agree that it is not guaranteed that your posted images will be used in this mosaic art.
  • ⑥ Any costs and expenses incurred in connection with your submission to this mosaic art project shall be solely borne by you. We are not required to make any payments or compensation of any kind or nature to you for our use of any of your posted images, even if it is used as part of this mosaic art.
  • ⑦ Any complaints, objections or other claims against any of your posted images by a third party shall be resolved at your own responsibility and cost, and in no event shall we be held liable for the foregoing.
  • ⑧ You may not cancel your application for this mosaic art project once you have posted any image.
  • ⑨ You agree that this mosaic art will be showcased or displayed on our official website and social media channels during and after the Rugby World Cup 2019™
  • ⑩ Handling of Personal Information
    ※We will use your posted images only to the extent necessary for the purposes of planning and operation of this mosaic art project.
    ※In addition to the above, your posted images will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy (https://global.canon/en/privacy/).