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Lighting ratio control
Light ratio adjustment lets you control dimensionality.
image:MR-14EX 1:0 (Left flash tube)
MR-14EX 1:0 (Left flash tube)
image:MR-14EX 1:1 (Both flash tubes)
MR-14EX 1:1 (Both flash tubes)
image:MR-14EX 0:1 (Right flash tube)
MR-14EX 0:1 (Right flash tube)
Lighting ratio control for subtle shading adjustment.
The lighting ratio between the two flash tubes/heads on each macro flash unit (MR-14EX or MT-24EX) can be adjusted between 8:1 and 1:8 in 13 half steps. This function is useful for creating more natural shading and a greater sense of depth. The two flash tubes/heads can also be independently rotated around the lens rim to adjust the location of highlights and shadows, thus better matching the shooting situation and creative intentions of the photographer.
Wireless mult-flash macro  
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