Utilizing our proprietary technology, Canon developed a fan-equipped visor that does not fog up even when wearing a mask.

We are also contributing to the development of new lifestyles through manufacturing by supporting on-demand production using 3D printing technology.

Contribution through Manufacturing


Canon Inc.
We developed a fan-equipped visor with the aim of beating the heat in the "new normal."
Canon Marketing Japan Inc.
In response to the impact of COVID-19, Canon launched a contract manufacturing business that utilizes its high-end 3D printing technology to perform on-demand production on behalf of businesses that are trying to maintain or reassess their supply chains.


Canon Virginia Inc.
Canon Virginia has started production of face shields in cooperation with New College Institute (NCI).
A total of 400 sets of plastic face shields were donated to medical institutions and other organizations, followed by an additional 500 sets.

Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

Canon Production Printing Holding B.V.
<Netherlands headquarters>
Canon Production Printing supported the development and production of the easy-to-use, low-cost ventilator FDR-e, an initiative of the Dutch company Stogger B.V. and Radboud University Medical Center.
Utilizing our supply chain, Canon supported procurement and production of small parts such as engines and drive belts, and contributed to the shortening of the medical certification process by offering use of its electromagnetic field testing facility.
<Romania office>
Employees made 650 simple medical face shields using their own equipment and donated them to nearby hospitals.
Axis Communications AB
Axis produced protective visors for local medical staff in collaboration with Lund University. The company printed approximately 1,200 holders for visors using its 3D printers and these holders were supplied to students and staff at Lund University to assemble them into visors. The assembled visors were donated to a local hospital.


Canon Hi-Tech (Thailand) Ltd.
Canon Hi-Tech (Thailand) donated 1,000 face shields manufactured by employee volunteers to several hospitals.
Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Canon Prachinburi (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Material Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Three Canon Group companies in Thailand donated a combined 400 face shields, produced by Canon Prachinburi (Thailand), to two hospitals.