About Junior PhotographersAbout Junior Photographers

Photography classes that let kids interact with and learn about the natural environment around them.

Canon Junior Photographers is a photography project that aims to raise kids environmental awareness and foster richer artistic sensitivity through the experience of taking photos of nature. Since their inception in 2004 as a Canon social outreach project, Junior Photographers classes have been held throughout Japan with over 20,000 participants to date.

Note that as this program is held in Japan, we can accept applications from Japan only.

How a Junior PhotoGraphers class worksHow a Junior PhotoGraphers class works

Lesson on digital cameras 1

Photographers and Canon employees give the participating kids easy lessons on how to use a camera and tips for taking good photos. The kids, even those who are using a digital camera for the first time, quickly learn how to operate the cameras.


Photo field trip 2

Each participant is given a digital camera to take his or her own photo compositions while coming in touch with nature. The kids take their own unique compositions against the natural backdrops and features of the local region.


Printing and presentation of completed compositions

The kids finish their photo compositions by printing them and giving them a title. They review each other's photos and give short presentations about their discoveries and impressions during the photo field trip.


Commentes from participating kids

  • Taking photos up that close of scenery we see everyday showed us many interesting shapes. It was really fun!
  • I’m going to keep taking care of nature.
  • I know that there is life in nature. If you look really closely, you see all pretty, beautiful flowers.
  • I truly believe that nature is “living” now. We learned that plants and insects have lives just like us humans.

Junior Photographers Photo Exhibitions

We offer A4 or equivalent sized prints of photos taken by Junior Photographers for participating schools or organizations that hold photo exhibitions. Exhibiting “nature around us” as seen by kids, either at a school exhibition or as a photo exhibition at a public hall, is a wonderful way of sharing kids' discoveries and impressions with people in the local community.