Manufacturing & Quality

Canon is committed to promoting a globally optimized production system consistent with the development of manufacturing engineering skills. Through advancements in automated manufacturing technology and IT, we strive to achieve efficient and high-quality production. As a trusted brand, we value quality above all else and continue to strengthen our capabilities in R&D, procurement, production, sales and support services.

Extending automation and in-house production to manufacturing systems and software

To produce high-quality products efficiently and cost-effectively, we closely coordinate product development, engineering and manufacturing—enabling us to maintain highly reliable automated production lines that can operate non-stop. We are also focusing on implementing fully automated productions lines. We are pursuing in-house production of key devices, components, equipment and molding dies, allowing us to create innovative and original products.

Delivering Canon quality worldwide through globally optimized production

Canon employs a globally optimized production system in which we determine ideal production locations based on such factors as costs, taxes, logistics and labor. Our aim is to leverage the strengths of each region. In Japan, we are promoting automation, while in the United States and Europe, we are accelerating the localized production of consumables and other products, and in emerging regions, we are boosting productivity by honing our employees’ skills.

Prioritizing advanced manufacturing technology in our business

Advanced manufacturing technology is crucial to the development of original products. At Canon, we regard the strengthening of our manufacturing technology to be one of our most vital business efforts. We are proactively pursuing development of such production systems as automated assembly and high-precision processing machines as well as molding dies. By consolidating these processes in-house, we are striving to improve quality and reliability.

Ensuring Canon quality through stringent inspection standards

We are committed to producing “no claims, no trouble” products that meet the high standards of Canon Quality. In each of our businesses, we conduct stringent testing to ensure that our products are safe and can be enjoyed with peace of mind. Canon has one of the largest and most advanced semi-anechoic chambers in Japan to conduct testing on large products, as well as facilities for noise, fire resistance and electromagnetic radiation testing.

Canon Meisters and Master Craftsmen: demonstrating excellence

To encourage advancement in manufacturing engineering, Canon honors our most skilled technicians by awarding them the title of Master Craftsman, while those who contribute to Canon production through their skills and knowledge of assembly and component processing earn the title of Meister. These technicians are the vanguard of Canon’s production improvement and play the important role of passing on their expertise to the next generation.

Developing human resources to pass along expertise to the next generation

Canon conducts human resource training to nurture the skills of employees at our production sites worldwide. Our programs teach manufacturing techniques and craftsmanship and train employees with leadership potential in Canon management methods. Young technicians test their abilities by competing in Japan’s National Skills Competition, where they earn awards and cultivate a spirit of challenge that is reflected in our manufacturing.

Miyazaki Canon: a new plant for digital camera production

Architectural rendering

Canon is building a new plant for digital camera production in Miyazaki Prefecture, due to commence operations in August 2019. Utilizing automation technology cultivated at Oita Canon, our primary camera plant, Miyazaki Canon will pursue even greater efficiency as a new "ideal factory." Once completed, the new plant will collaborate with nearby Oita Canon and Nagasaki Canon to form a robust manufacturing system in southern Japan.

Protecting our customers and the environment with strict safety assessments

Going beyond legal and regulatory requirements, at Canon, we have our own strict safety standards to ensure that our products can be used with peace of mind. We conduct quality and safety assessments for inks and toners, while for such genotoxic substances as carcinogens, we conduct stringent micronucleus tests using cultured cells at our government-certified testing laboratories. All of this is part of our thorough system to ensure product safety.