Canon Hi-Tech (Thailand) Ratchasima Factory

Canon remains dedicated to manufacturing our own products and technologies. We not only pursue automated assembly, but also strive to cultivate technicians with outstanding skills.

Establishing mother factories

Canon’s production system designates a mother factory for each of our businesses. Integrating design, procurement, production engineering and manufacturing technology, the mother factories lead our efforts in automation and in-house production.


The production equipment we create ourselves is symbolic of Canon’s capacity for self-improvement. We produce our own tools and devices as well as entire systems, which eliminates waste and is more cost efficient than purchasing equipment from vendors.

Pursuing full automation from the product design stage

Canon pursues the implementation of automated assembly lines and robotics to ensure reliable production of high-quality products at low cost. Our development department and Meister technicians collaborate on all processes from product development to automated assembly. We aim to achieve fully automated production that requires zero human intervention.

Expanding in-house production to further enhance productivity

Canon has continued to advance our in-house production of key devices, components, molding dies and assembly systems as well as carrying out in-house equipment maintenance. In response to the increased demand for software for products and services, we are undertaking new initiatives in embedded software for our products and in software verification processes.

Globally optimized production utilizing the strengths of each country and region

Canon has established a globally optimized production system, taking a broad view of the ever-changing social and economic conditions around the world. We select the ideal production locations based on such factors as taxes, logistics, parts procurement and labor. We manufacture our products employing an agile and flexible system that spans the globe.

Our Meister and Master Craftsmen system is the foundation of Canon’s manufacturing excellence

Canon honors our most skilled technicians by awarding them the title of Master Craftsman, while those who have contributed to enhancing Canon production through their skills and knowledge of assembly and component processing earn the title of Meister. All of our skilled workers play the important role of passing down their expertise to the next generation.