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1995Grand Prize



The daily life of a 17-year-old high school student is full of danger. Radical days. Passing days. A sadly pitiful world. Why is love painful. ROCK IS MY LIFE. I’m scared that I’m getting closer to becoming an adult. I live, reflecting upon myself.

Selecting judge: Nobuyoshi Araki

Girls tend to hold nothing back, and don’t think too much. Without thinking too much, they let their feelings rule their actions. Her feelings that she wants to create and try anything, as well as her flexibility are apparent. Guys think too much. I think teens are going to be interesting.

Selecting judge: Fumio Nanjo

This kitschy presentation, editing, this is it. This shows the precocious mysteriousness of late teens, kind of like the pain, the anger, the fragileness. The cover is also enveloped in a mysterious glamour.




Photographer and artist

1976 Born in Tokyo
1995 Received an Excellence Award at the 11th New Cosmos of Photography (selected by Nobuyoshi Araki) and won the Grand Prize at the 4th New Cosmos of Photography Exhibition
1996 Released the photo collection Girls Blue, which sold 30,000 copies, which was a rare event in the art photography world
1997 Released the photobooks Light and Japanese Beauty simultaneously
1997 In conjunction with the release of Light and Japanese Beauty, held concurrent photo exhibits at the Parco Gallery in Tokyo and in Paris, France containing elements from both books
1999 Released the photo collection HIROMIX in 32 countries
Received the Kodak Photo Prize in the same year
1999 Released the music CD HIROMIX ’99 from Trattoria
1999 Held a solo exhibition in London, England
2001 Released the photo collection HIROMIX WORKS
Won the 26th Kimura Ihei Award in the same year
2003 Selected as one of the “World’s 50 Leading Women Creators” in a special issue of the French magazine Liberation
2005 Selected as one of the “100 World-Renowned Japanese” in the Japanese edition of Newsweek
2012-2013 Served as a judge in the Photography category at the East-West Art Award Competition in the UK
2011-2015 Served as a judge for Canon’s New Cosmos of Photography contest

Selected solo exhibitions

1996 Deep Gallery, Tokyo
1997 Parco Gallery, Tokyo
1997 Paris, France
1999 London, England
2002 Nagoya
2009 Start of Spring, Radiance of the Heart, Hiromi Yoshii Gallery, Tokyo
2010 St. Valentin Special | Room of Love (installations, photographs, paintings, video works), Eye of Gyre, Tokyo
2015 The Wonder of Love and Time (drawings and photographs), Hidari Zingaro, Tokyo

Selected group exhibitions

1999 Superflat Exhibition, Tokyo
2000 Italy
2005 Gazes that Define the Era: 30 Years of the Kimura Ihei Award, 1975 – 2005, Kawasaki City Museum, Tokyo
2009 Shoot (Rizzoli, U.S.), Parco Gallery, Tokyo
2009 A Room in Which To Contemplate Love (installations, photographs, video works), No Man’s Land (former French Embassy), Tokyo
2010 Travelled with the same Group exhibition to Lyon, France, and other cities
2015 40 Years of the Kimura Ihei Award, 1975 – 2015, Kawasaki City Museum, Tokyo
2015 New York, U.S.
2016 Takashi Murakami Collection, Tokyo and other cities


2010 Magnifique!, Hiromi Yoshii Gallery, Tokyo

Selected music CDs

1998 I Love Jazz + Bossa, a collection of selected jazz and bossa nova songs
1999 HIROMIX ’99, Trattoria

Selected video works

2005 “Honeymoon Song” (two minutes) Moving Fashion,, London, England
2009 “How Splendid You Are,” (20 minutes),, Tokyo

1995Grand Prize