Sohei Nishino

“ Diorama Map ”

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2005Excellence Award


Diorama Map

I am deeply committed and passionate about photography. I believe that photography is a way of looking at the self. Rather than thinking about what I can do with photography, I take pictures in a quest to see what I can become through photography. Diorama Map is a series of photos taken from different locations to provide a bird’s eye view of the cities where they were taken (for example, Osaka combines about 40 to 50 locations). All my own traces (cut photos) are fitted together to form a collage. I think this is a kind of map diorama. The result is a distillation of my own photographic style.

This work required a great deal of my passion and energy and entailed a great deal of financial, physical, and spiritual hardship. After completing it I realized that it grew out of my experiences during a Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage that I went on alone as my high school graduation trip. The pilgrimage for me meant simply walking the route - I had no particular underlying motivation or goal for doing it. I think the spiritual core of my work came from this experience, and I continuously take pictures to emphasize the spirit of going ever forward.

Entries form: Lambda print (1,030mm x 1,080mm) 5 dioramas

Selecting judge: Fumio Nanjo

The work consists of photographs of cities taking from the air carefully cut and assembled into collages. Assembled from thousands of cut photos, the work requires considerable attention to detail and an ability to calculate the composition around a single point of reference that is extraordinary and fascinating. I would like to see him take on the challenge of a diorama of the world and all its cities.



Sohei Nishino

2005 Received an Excellence Award at the 28th New Cosmos of Photography (selected by Fumio Nanjo)

Selected exhibitions of the Diorama Map series

2016 Group exhibition 20 Year Anniversary TOP Collection: Tokyo Tokyo and TOKYO
(Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Tokyo) Nov. 22, 2016 – Jan. 29, 2017
Exhibition of winning photographs from the Photo City Sagamihara contest
Sohei Nishino Exhibition (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco)
Bricolage (Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, New York)
2015 Special Cities exhibition at Photo London 2015 (London)
Tokyo International Photography Festival 2015 (Art Factory Jonanjima, Tokyo)
Sohei Nishino Exhibition Cities (Polka Gallery, Paris)
Solo exhibition Action Drawing (IMA Gallery, Tokyo)
2014 Kyotography Festival (Kyoto)
Unseen Photo Fair Cities (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Solo exhibition New Dioramas (Michael Hoppen Gallery, London)
Group exhibition Photography Now (IMA Gallery, Tokyo)
2013 fotográfica bogotá 2013 Festival (Bogotá, Colombia)
A Different Kind of Order: The ICP Triennial (ICP, New York)
Art Arch Hiroshima 2013 (Hiroshima Museum of Art, Hiroshima)
Foam Magazine Talent Exhibition 2013 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Group exhibition Of Walking (Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago)
Solo exhibition Diorama Maps (Sanatorium, Istanbul, Turkey)
2012 Contemporary Japanese Photography Vol. 10 (Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Tokyo)
Out Of Focus: Photography (Saatchi Gallery, London)
Festival Images Vevey (Vevey, Switzerland)
Photo España (Madrid, Spain)
Sohei Nishino Solo Exhibition (Stiftelsen 3,14, Bergen, Norway)
2011 Solo exhibition Wandering The Diorama Map (Michael Hoppen Gallery, London)
2010 Emon Selection Vol. 1, Sohei Nishino Exhibition (Emon Photo Gallery, Tokyo
Daegu Photo Biennale (Daegu, South Korea)
2009 Canon New Cosmos of Photography 2009 Part II touring exhibition
Tama Vivant 2009 (Tama Art University)
2008 Sohei Nishino Exhibition (Emon Photo Gallery, Tokyo)
2007 Dialogue With A City (Bank Art, Yokohama)
2005 Canon New Cosmos of Photography 2005 touring exhibition


2016 Sagamihara Newcomer’s Award
Shortlisted for the Prix Pictet global award in photography
2013 Newcomer’s Award, Photographic Society of Japan Awards
Foam Talent Call 2013, Amsterdam
2005 Excellence Award, New Cosmos of Photography 2005 (selected by Fumio Nanjo)
2004 President’s Award, Osaka University of Arts Graduate Exhibition

2005Excellence Award

Sohei Nishino

Diorama Map

© Sohei Nishino
(Left to right) “Diorama Map ‘New York’ ” Feb-Jul.2006, “Diorama Map ‘London’ ” May-Aug2010, “Diorama Map ‘Hong Kong’ ”Jan-Apr.2010, “Diorama Map ‘Istanbul’ ” Oct-Jan.2011, “Diorama Map ‘Jerusalem’ ”Sep2012-Jan2013, “Diorama Map ‘Amsterdam’ ”May-Sep.2014, “Diorama Map ‘Tokyo2014’ ”Oct2013-Mar.2014, “Diorama Map ‘Johannesburg’ ” Dec2014-Apr2015, “Diorama Map ‘Havana’ ” Jul-Nov.2015, “Diorama Map ‘San Francisco’ ” May-Sep.2016