July 30, 2018

Winners of New Cosmos of Photography 2018 Announced

A meeting of the New Cosmos of Photography 2018 (41st competition) Excellence Award Selection Committee was held at Canon Inc.’s Shimomaruko headquarters in Tokyo.

This year, applications were received from April 18 until June 13, and 7 Excellence Award winners and 12 Honorable Mention Award winners were selected from 1,992 entrants.

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Excellence Award winners

Song-Nian Ang (selected by Emilia van Lynden), Derek Man (selected by Hiraki Sawa), Kyosuke Sasaki (selected by Kunie Sugiura), Susumu Okada (selected by Sandra Phillips), Masashi Beppu (selected by Takashi Yasumura), Shinichiro Uchikura (selected by Tomoko Sawada), Megumi Yamakoshi (selected by Noi Sawaragi)

Honorable Mention Award winners

Cai Yuan-qi (selected by Hiraki Sawa), Kim Kyungbong (selected by Takashi Yasumura), Mai Ishida (selected by Sandra Phillips), Keita Otsuka (selected by Emilia van Lynden), Shinichi Kitamura (selected by Kunie Sugiura), Yusuke Kito (selected by Tomoko Sawada), Hisashi Kobayashi (selected by Noi Sawaragi), Yukari Sasaki (selected by Hiraki Sawa), Azusa Takade (selected by Kunie Sugiura), Daisuke Takeya(selected by Sandra Phillips), Ryosuke Higo (selected by Tomoko Sawada), Kimi Mikawa (selected by Noi Sawaragi)

New Cosmos of Photography 2018 (41st Edition) Excellence Award winning entries

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    Hanging Heavy On My Eyes
    Song-Nian Ang
    (selected by Emilia van Lynden)
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    What Do You See, Old Apple Tree?
    Derek Man
    (selected by Hiraki Sawa)
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    Street View
    Kyosuke Sasaki
    (selected by Kunie Sugiura)
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    create new value
    Susumu Okada
    (selected by Sandra Phillips)
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    Masashi Beppu
    (selected by Takashi Yasumura)
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    Shinichiro Uchikura
    (selected by Tomoko Sawada)
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    How to hide my Cryptocurrencies
    Megumi Yamakoshi
    (selected by Noi Sawaragi)