July 31, 2019

Winners of the New Cosmos of Photography 2019 Announced

A meeting of the New Cosmos of Photography 2019 [42nd competition] Excellence Award Selection Committee was held at Canon Inc. headquarters in Tokyo.

This year, applications were received from April 17 until June 12, and 7 Excellence Award winners and 14 Honorable Mention Award winners were selected from 1,959 entrants.

Winners are listed as below.

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Excellence Award winners

Natsuko Eguchi (selected by Paul Graham), Yusuke Endo (selected by Takashi Yasumura), Daichi Koda (selected by Mikiya Takimoto), Hisashi Kobayashi (selected by Sandra Phillips), Ken Tazima (selected by Yulin Lee), Tomomichi Nakamura (selected by Rineke Dijkstra), Tamaki Yoshida (selected by Noi Sawaragi)

Honorable Mention Award winners

Yukari Ito (selected by Mikiya Takimoto), Goshi Uhira (selected by Mikiya Takimoto), Tetsuo Kashiwada (selected by Sandra Phillips), Keita Kanai (selected by Yulin Lee), Kazuki Shinji (selected by Rineke Dijkstra), Hideko Takagi (selected by Takashi Yasumura), Kiyoshiro Tachikawa (selected by Takashi Yasumura), Chen Shaoshuai (selected by Paul Graham), Masayuki Nitta (selected by Noi Sawaragi), Aiko Harada (selected by Yulin Lee), Yoshinobu Bito (selected by Sandra Phillips), Ritsuko Matsushita (selected by Paul Graham), Yas⁺ (selected by Noi Sawaragi), Wang Lu (selected by Rineke Dijkstra)

The New Cosmos of Photography 2019 [42nd Edition] Excellence Award winning works

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    Natsuko Eguchi
    (selected by Paul Graham)
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    Formerly Known As Photography
    Yusuke Endo
    (selected by Takashi Yasumura)
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    Daichi Koda
    (selected by Mikiya Takimoto)
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    To elite trash
    Hisashi Kobayashi
    (selected by Sandra Phillips)
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    Ken Tazima
    (selected by Yulin Lee)
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    Like Ants
    Tomomichi Nakamura
    (selected by Rineke Dijkstra)
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    Sympathetic Resonance
    Tamaki Yoshida
    (selected by Noi Sawaragi)