Semiconductor Lithography Equipment
i-line Stepper for BEOL and Advanced Packaging Applications

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Basic Information

Model Name: FPA-5510iV


Low-NA optical system suitable for thick resist processes

Heterogeneous Integration techniques using Through the Silicon Vias (TSV), Silicon Interposers, Fan Out Wafer Level Packaging (FOWLP), etc... have gained in acceptance as technologies capable of benefiting the performance, power consumption and form factor of semiconductor devices. Advanced Packaging processes typically require relatively thick photoresists and materials and FPA-5510iV steppers feature an optical system design that delivers consistent resist profiles through thick resists. In addition, FPA-5510iV steppers are flexible as it is possible to control depth of focus, resist profile and resolution by varying the Numerical Aperture (NA) of the stepper exposure optical system. FPA-5510iV steppers can deliver 1 µm resolution which meets the demands of next generation high density Advance Packaging applications.

High-productivity for Advanced Packaging applications

Thick resists used in a TSV or Bump/Flip Chip processes typically require long exposure times that limit productivity. To minimize the impact of thick resist exposure, Canon has applied a variety of countermeasures to boost productivity.

  1. Large field size (52 mm x 34 mm) allows overlay exposure of 2 frontend scanner fields (26 mm x 33 mm) in a single exposure to minimize total wafer processing time.
  2. High-power 4.5kW mercury lamp provides high exposure intensity to limit exposure time.
  3. Broadband exposure using i-line + h-line wavelengths of light can be applied to boost intensity and limit exposure time on non-critical layers.
  4. High-speed FPA-5500 Platform Wafer Stage adopted to decrease wafer processing times.

Proven FPA-5500 platform provides reliability and high overlay accuracy

The FPA-5500 platform that was originally developed for Front-End-Of-the-Line (FEOL) processes has been adopted, ensuring similar high utilization rates and reliability as previous FPA-5510iZ and FPA-5550iZ steppers. In addition, Worldwide service support network are in place to assist customers with productivity improvements and to maintain reliability.

To meet the requirements of Advanced Packaging applications, FPA-5510iV steppers delivery the *world's best overlay accuracy of less than 300 nm among Backend Process Lithography Tools.

  • *Among same-class i-line steppers (Examination by Canon)

Extensive options for next generation packaging manufacturing

FPA-5510iV steppers have a variety of options designed for Advanced Packaging applications and backend processes.
Options such as Through Silicon Alignment (TSA) allowing alignment to a wafer backside pattern, Wafer Edge Exposure (WEE), Wafer Edge Shielding (WES), Wafer Chuck & Wafer Handling System for a warped wafers, etc. can make a big contribution towards enabling robust and productive Advanced Packaging production lines.


≦ 1 µm
NA (Numerical Aperture)
0.18~0.10 (Variable)
Reduction Ratio
Field Size
52 mm x 34 mm
Exposure Wavelength
i-line 365 nm (h-line 405 nm can be used in combination)
Reticle Size
6 inch
Wafer Size
200 mm (8 inch), 300 mm (12 inch) (Selection)
Overlay Accuracy
≦ 300 nm
Main Body Dimensions
(W) 2,300 x (D) 3,340 x (H) 2,700 mm
Major Options
Warped Wafer Handling System
Bonded Wafer Handling System
Through-Silicon Alignment Scope (TSA-Scope)
Wafer Edge Shielding Unit
Wafer Edge Exposure Unit
Chemical Filter
Resist Outgas Exhaust Unit
PC Remote Console
Online Function (GEM2, GEM0304)
Pellicle Particle Checker