Canon Visual Overview: To Communicate, Share, and Connect

Canon aims to become a company admired and respected the world over. This high-definition quality video introduces Canon's global business activities centering on imaging technology and various other activities, which include research and development to production, sales, marketing, environmental conservation, and social contributions.

Created : May 2012    14'37''

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Canon's 70-Year Imaging History: A Tradition of Innovation

Canon's 70-Year Imaging History: A Tradition of Innovation Canon got its start in 1937 based on the aspiration to make the world's best camera. Through the strategies of diversification and globalization, Canon has realized many successes and overcome a number of challenges to become the company that it is today. This 70th anniversary commemorative video presents Canon's growth to date.

Created :
November 2007
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Canon CSR activities: A Heritage of Caring

Contributing to society through business. It is this desire, passed down from the company's founders to the present. This video illustrates Canon's CSR activities that capitalize on its characteristics of advanced technological strengths, global business deployment and diverse, specialized human resources, based on this philosophy.

Created :
March 2014
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